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i looked in my b/f cell the other night and saw that he had text messages from his ex g/f. she was calling him baby and asking how he was and stuff. they r "supposedly" best friends. sometimes she calls him for sex but he said he always tells her no cuz he is with me. she hurt him bad when they were together. she slept with him and his boy in the same night and she also slept with 2 other guys while they were together. i dont mind them conversing and all but her calling him baby.......that didnt feel right at all. i asked if he still had feelings for her and he said no he would never feel anything for her again cuz she has problems and she is a ho (by the way they were together 3 yrs ago). i believe him. but i have a gut feeling that something is not right. i texted him that same day and he texed her back instead of me. should i be concerned about the situation wtih him and his ex or should i let it go???


by the way she has a man she should be calling him baby..... i shouldnt be mad but i am!!!

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i'll tell u one thing. my b/f and i dont have a problem with communication. but we just went through somethinglast week and finally made up. i did ask him about the text messages and he said she can call him anything she wants. which made me more upset. but we made up and i dont want to get in another argument or "misunderstanding" or anything like that. feel me??? but if i notice anything else going on in the next few weeks then I will say something.

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