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ive always had nightmares, it used to be like 4 a week but the last few months its been everyday. and they arent like normal nightmares but they are personal and almost, cinematic. sometimes they are so painful i wake up crying with pain inside my chest.its not like i wake up with a single tear running down my cheek, i wake in a puddle of tears i must have been crying 10 minutes before i even wake up.i dont know whats going on, is there anything i can do? any oppinions are welkome

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I am sorry your rest is so disturbed by those nightmares. I have had periods in my life that I would wake up paralysed, screaming, etc. on a nightly basis, so to say. The dreams haunt you during day, even.


Before I can advise you a bit, some questions:


* do you play a lot of video/pc games?


* do you often watch 'heavy' tv before sleeping, or read thrillers?


* are you on medication?


Take care,



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Dreams are often just trying to tell you things, not like if you have a dream about eating a pizza, then you should. I mean that If you have a dream about running away from something then you might not be facing up to something important. I would get a book or talk to a dream expert. Locate the problem and deal with it. But also remember that some dreams are just weird! and they pass with time. Sometimes worrying about dreams before you sleep makes them happen!

PM if u need anything


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no im not on medication

i dont watch heavy tv or read thrillers

and i dont play video games


as far as the dream expertive talked to 2 of them, its not like the dreams are trying to tell me something, their just like, specifically directed torward upsetting me. like symbols most people would find funny or weird but i know what they mean and they hurt me personally. i dont know what to do, i havent slept in 5 days, awake on pure caffiene

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