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How soon is to soon???

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Everyone is different and will give you different opinions.


I waited 1 1/2 years into my relationship. Personally, I wasn't wanting to wait until marriage, but I was wanting to wait for that one special person. It took me that long to feel ready enough and comfortable enough. I don't regret it because 1 year later, my boyfriend is still that same special person and always will be.


If I was you, I would wait a little while. You said "Ok I've met a really nice guy. Well I'm hoping he is." That sounds like you don't know him all that well. If I was you I would wait until you know for sure that he is who you think he is. You might regret your first time being with a guy who turned out to be a jerk.


Also, make sure you are 100% ready. If you are questioning it at all, then chances are you should wait. There's no need to rush. You have many more years ahead of you to have sex, so don't feel like you need to do it now. If your boyfriend is the nice guy you think he is, he will wait as long as it takes.

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You should wait until you feel ready, and until you do know he IS a nice guy, not just hope he is. Also, once you are comfortable, have discussed sex with him (ie birth control, disease history).


People feel ready at different points, and there is no "formula" as it also often varies from relationship to relationship (and it really should, as I think arbitrary waiting times are silly...things are different with every person after all).

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You should definitely wait until you're ready. If your boyfriend truly cares about you, yes, he will want to and yes he might hint at it or directly ask for it, but in the end, he will respect your decision to wait. Don't feel that you have to do it because you're "expected" to. That just puts pressure on you and honestly, you won't enjoy it as much, if at all. Do it because you want to and you want to completely share yourself with your boyfriend. Then and only then, will you be truly ready.


And remember, this advice is coming from a guy.

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