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We were friends for years and dated for 8 months. We broke up 4 months ago exactly. Ironically, tomorrow would have been our anniversary. She started dating someone else (who lives 3.5 hours away) about a month after we broke up.


She's over me yet I think about her everyday. The pain is gone for the most part, but she is on my mind. Maybe I'm just lonely.


I'm glad that when we broke up I had the foresight to tell her everything I had planned for our anniversary (dinner cruise, ring, etc) because if I hadn't that would be eating away at me. I still want to email or text her something heartfelt.


Reasons not to:

-She has never made any attempt to contact me after the breakup or even approach me when on campus

-She's with someone else

-To save some face

-She won't receive it well


But the devil's advocate in me says just do it, there's nothing wrong with telling someone how you feel. I guess I'm just depressed and wish we had stayed together, because tomorrow night would have been amazing. I wonder if she even knows the significance of tomorrow.

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Well, she met the new BF a few days before we broke up. Then started dating him soon after. So normally I would not think it is right but I don't think I owe this guy any courtesy. I have moved on a good bit, just feeling down. I just want her to know I'm thinking about her.. and I guess I hope she's thinking of me.

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I don't mean to be cruel when I say this, but the fact that she's moved on with another guy, shows that she's on the road to getting over you. If she were still thinking about you, there may have been some contact made on our part. Best thing to do is let them be, and move on. Find someone else who deserves to think of you.

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