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I am a newb and need serious help please..this is kinda long

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Well first off thanks to who ever may post to my distress call here. Im new to this forum stuff do please bear with me so here it goes. Day after thanksgiving of 2002 I met this woman from the net. things went great and well we felll so much in love instantly. a month later we find out shes pregnant Yeah anyways....I love her to death to this day so we get our own place have a few ups and downs here and there. In 2004 i stumbled upon a friend which i talked to before i met the woman of my life she is in the pits since we last spoke n shyt due to her bf etc so told here to call me and shyt to catch up on the news (in all the while my woman knows nothing of her) we talk etc i find out shes in a shelter for battered woman blah blah blah my brother and i decide to go out she calls tellin us that the shelter gettin full and shyt and they have higher priority woman etc so shes out in the rain and cold. I tell my woman that my bother has a girl that wants to come over etc just to keep my friend warm and shyt...right there i blatantly lied to her.... then the weekend rolls around she has no where to go me and my girl are arguing my brother has a hotel room with his girl putsin around so i figure a safe haven for her for the night and since im arguing wit the gf me n my bro and i can drink chill and be safe....in short my gf/babys mother finds out the next day but mean while i did nothing and never even thought of doing anything with my friend despite the circumstances of it bein a hotel etc and bein a hormone driven male. For a year and change she still brings that day up. when she's mad. i will say woman are gods gift to men and i do chat with them online but i cant even seem to have a single female chat friend while im with her just because i flirt or say suttin one way doesnt mean im going to leave my wonderful girlfriend/mother to my beautiful child. Even when i introduced my best friend to her my gf was jealous i cant stand this even when i explain and show her my best female friend which i love to death in a friendship way she still gets mad its killing me.....like i said im on the net alot and i flirt and shy

t like that but everyone of them knows from the get go i have a girlfriend and a child. shes gotten on my nerves so bad i passworded my laptop cuz she searches and makes a argument over stupid stuff....i also say yes i look at xxx sites etc online and talk to woman and men for chat she accuses me of this and that i mean no harm people this is killin me she hasnt put out for 5 months almost this is killing me i love her to death and i thank her for giving us such a wonderful child ....im sorry if this story is long and seems confusing but i need help i want my gf back to the point where we can go out as a couple time to time dance sing whatver just the 2 of us at times, where we can have our love life back, and where she will accept my friends.......i could go on some other things are not as bad but on the rocks between us but im not worried bout them its mostly family issues ....someone help me make my woman believe that i am what i am and what ihave said is still truthful even thou i am being honest



thanks for your time....sincerly an amatuer....Tim

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Well..since u did lie to her, you did lose her trust.. and you probably know that..women are sensitive and they hurt easily. Its okay if ur chating w/ ppl online but you shouldnt even be flirting online. You're going to have to sit her down and look at her, w/ no screaming n arguing, that she needs to trust u. If she can't and wants u to stop all the things she dont like, then u gotta make a decision.. her + baby or internet w/ all the flirting going on. Relationships dont last long w/out trust. I dont think when ur 40, u'd still be wanting to go online flirting. Ask yourself what makes you happy.

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