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I need advice on something and it has to do w/a relic from long ago.


Here's the deal:


When my father was in highschool way back in the day, he had a highschool sweetheart. He gave her a locket. My dad and this girl were going to get married. She cheated on him. My father ripped the locket from her neck in a heated exchange when they broke up and placed it in a coat pocket and never saw the locket again. A few year later, he met my mom and they were married for 30 years until he died.


Several years before my dad died, my grandma had died and passed on an old chest to my aunt. When my aunt died, the chest went to my other aunt who in turn gave it to my parents. When my parents got the old chest, the locket was inside and that's when my dad told my mom and I the story. The twist her is that about a year after I found the locket in the old chest, my dad had contacted and met with the old highschool sweetheart. I don't know why. A couple of years later, he died.


Now, I came accross several old photographs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Most of the photos are of old school friends some of which I know. I thought I would try to locate some of them and return their old photos to them. I even came accross the old photos of the highschool sweetheart. One of my dad's old school buddies said he would forward the items I have to the other old school buddies. I don't know what to do w/this old locket? I feel as tho it doesn't belong to me and thought about giving it back to old school sweetheart. Since she cheated on him all those years ago she wouldn't be deserving to have it back but since my dad made contact w/her then maybe all was forgiven.


My question is: Should I return the locket to the old school flame or should I keep it?

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