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He lied to me.. How do i trust him again

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well.. A month ago, I was at his house and we were both on his computer.

Then this girl i.m.s him.. and I asked Cuong who is this. So he said "just some girl i met online from a long time ago"

THen he said "just pretend you're me and lie to her that you have a memory loss problem"

So i i.m.ed her back, pretending to be Cuong. And she's telling me this n that..blah blah blah... Then I asked her "whrn was the last time we talked? i forgot"..

Then she said "last week"

So i looked at cuong and i asked him why didnt he tell me that he talked to her last week. (because we're suppose to tell each other everything)..

Well.. I figure it was just something small, so i let it go

But i did ask him how long did they talk last week, and he tells me they had only talked for 10-15 mins. I also asked him did u guys liked each other before, and he told me he didnt like her but she liked him. But nothing much went on between them

so.. sunday nite, I was at his house, and i was on the computer while he fell asleep. He never really cared if i snooped around his computer.

So.. you know how some computers saves AIM conversations?

Well.. I saw her screen name. I clicked on it, and two files (conversation) came up. And of course, one of them is Mine, when i pretended to be him

(oh yeah, i forgot to mention... Cuong loves to joke around)

And the other file, of course, was the file when she i.m.ed him the week before i talked to her

So i opened it and read it.

It started out w/ her i.m.ing him, and he was telling her he had a memory loss so he didnt know who she was.. And she had to refresh his memory.

She was saying.. "i liked you before and i think, you liked me".. and they use to wrote letters to each other, and he had a bunch of old pics of her. (which i believe cuong threw away 2 years ago, he said) and they use to call each other and tal kto each other online almost everynight. She use to tell him almost everything. She even knows his sisters names!..

Then Cuong talked to her a bit about how each of them were, then he said "pretend this convesation never happened. .... Dont ever i.m. me, ill just i.m. u, because my gf will get mad n jealous"

And oh yeah.. he told her how he takes creatine to stay in shape. (And i asked him earlier if he told her that because he wanted her to know that he had a good body, and he said Yeah. i got him to admit it)

During the end of the convo between them, she was like "wow, we've been talking for an hour!"

So i kept on asking him what was the reason that he had to keep this away from me.. and he asid that he's trying to ignore her.. just like he's been trying to ignore other girls.. because he just wants our relationship to be perfect

Like, i understand that, (i think) but there was no reason for him to lie about how long he talked to her

I told him before, I dontcare what girl i.m.s u or calls u,.. but all im asking that its not your ex gf.


We've been together for a year and a half and this is the first time where something like this happened.


I use to have trust issues w/ the ex bf, because he lied (and maybe cheated) a couple times... and our relationship was getting out of control so he broke up with me. i feel like its happening again. I know he wont cheat on me. I forgave him but I lost alot of trust in him. I can't stop thinking about what he did. He told me he would never ever lie to me again. I dont want the relationship like I had before, where there was arguments and fights.

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Well, since you had an unspoken agreement to tell each other everything, and he is going behind your back and talking to another girl, hes being pretty deceptive.


If he really wanted to avoid the girl, and avoid the lies, he would either:


A) Block her screenname, or change his.

B) Not be on the internet talking to other girls.


He knew what he was doing was wrong, so the decision is really up to you, if you want to stay with a guy like this. Personally, I think there are plenty of guys out there that will be straight up and tell you the truth, and not flirt with other women. You would be better off looking for one of these kinds of guys.

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I dont think you necessarily have to go as far as letting him go, but I think what he did was wrong. He shouldnt of lied to you about him talking to her a the past that they had. Maybe he just lied cuz he thought it would make you more uneasy about the whole situation. I dont think its somethign that you should worry about. If he is faithful to you he wont do something like that to hurt your feelings again.

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