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I love her, and i want her back

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ok heres my problem. I was with this girl for about 5 months. It was the best five months of my life, and i think that she can agree. Then the other day she said that she wanted to "talk". im not a complete idiot, so i was scared sh!tless to go over to her house. We talked for about 2 hours. basically to make a long story short. she dident want to be with me, because i love her, and she just dident like me anymore. i mean WHAT THE HELL ! it's not like i did anythign wrong i dident cheat on her. i brought her flowers everytime i went over to her house. and i just can't figure out what went wrong. I love this girl. and i want her back. i just dont know if i even have a chance. or how to do it.

any sugjestions would be awsome

thank you.

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hey man, this may not be of any use to you but i am going through exactly the same thing. The only difference is mine was only about two months but it seemed a lot longer. we both told each other we loved each other and met each others families! at least you r girl had the courage to do it face to face, mine called on saturday there to say that she didnt want a serious relationship! it so hard to take isnt it? i want her back more than anything aswell just like you! i would appreciate any help on the subject of winning someone back! sorry to hijack your thread man, but at least you aint suffering alone!

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yo homie. i been doin a lot of thinking, and i went to this website and it helped me out a lot. link removed . i don't know if it will do the same for you but its worth a try. and i fugured that since it sounds like we have the same problem it might benefit you as much as it did me. i'm goin over there to talk to her in like 20 min. so i'm hopin things go well. *crossin fingers* . good luck with ur girl man. just remember. you havent lost her yet, don't give up yet.

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i wish you all the luck in the world man, heres hoping things work out for both of us. Im going to meet her sometime next week, before friday anyway, i dont know if i should go in "all guns blazing" or just take it easy. Thanks that website looks good! I feel your pain man, good luck and let me know how you got on wif your girl!

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You shouldn't be wanting someone back, if you did nothing wrong. I am in the exact same situation- I did nothing wrong, and she told me this as she was checking out on us. She loved me one day with all of her heart, wanted to be with me forever. Then the next day she was out the door.


It makes sense to try and win someone back if you made a bad mistake, which led to the break-up. But you really shouldn't want someone back who doesn't want you, and would have the audacity to treat you like this.

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