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oh no! my friend doesnt know about my problem! help!!

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Hey everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum and I've been reading around so now I will make my post. I have this girl that thinks I'm trying to avoid her.... I am avoiding her but like not on purpose. I am really like trying to do something about this problem for why I'm avoiding her but nothing seems to work. Tomorrow is her birthday and she has this huge house with a huge pool and she always throws a big pool party and like a cookout every year. She has invited me for the last 3 years and I haven't went and I pretty much avoided her like this whole summer because I have a happy trail... and I'm a girl... I don't want my friends seeing it and especially guys. I have tried waxing it but it hurts SO BAD and it doesnt come out good and sometimes the hair breaks off , then there is ingrown hairs... ouch! So I am trying to think of any other solutions? Shaving leaves black stubble... so I just had this great idea but I don't know if its safe, i was going to use clorox bleach on the hair or peroxide to bleach it blonde, and then shave it. Maybe it wouldnt show then? is this safe? anyone have opinions or ideas? help! its been sortof depressing. thank you

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Biggirl, I can't help you the hair removal (except I've heard it's best to get this sorta thing waxed professionally), but I can give you advice about your friend. Call her and tell her why you've been avoiding her. I know you're embarrassed about the "trail", but by avoiding her with no explanation all these years, you're jeopardizing your friendship for a reason that might be easily resolved. Also, if she has a pool and swims a lot, I'm sure she knows a thing or two about hair removal.


A word to the wise... Don't let bleach or any other caustic substance near any of your "sensitive" body parts.

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i was going to use clorox bleach on the hair or peroxide to bleach it blonde, and then shave it. Maybe it wouldnt show then? is this safe? anyone have opinions or ideas? help! its been sortof depressing. thank you


If you're going to bleach- use creme hair bleach. It can be found in almost any drugstore. The peroxide and chlorox in pure form will likely irritate your skin (it's harder to get rid of a big red irritation mark than hair ) The creme hair bleach is made with moisturizers to help protect your skin.




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There is a hair creme bleach called Jolen, and another made by Sally Hanson, made especially for hair. Do not use household bleach, it will irritate your skin and make it that much worse and awful for shaving!


Have you considered dipilatory cremes? You apply it, wait the allotted time and then wipe it off.

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does it ALWAYS irritate it and make red marks? or just depends on the person?


Household bleach should never be used on human skin, it is caustic and burns, and yes, it will leave red marks on your skin.


Why don't you go to CVS and get Jolen creme bleach made for bleaching dark hair? It's safe and it costs about 10$.

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OK last time I am going to say it.


Household bleach is caustic and burns and should NEVER be used on human skin, EVER. Trust me on this one. It's a bad idea, and not worth the risk for your vanity.


If you can't borrow 10$ to get the hair bleaching creme than shave it and deal with it. Don't be foolish and risk getting hurt because you are broke. Not smart, and not worth it. Or, wear a one piece suit and cover up your hair. ( I assume by 'happy trail' you mean a line of hair from your navel to your groin.)

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there is a solution to your problem. Though this response is too late for your event, I am sure you will be very happy about it.


Other women with situations like yours have discovered a product that black men use instead of shaving their beards. It is called Magic cream. You can read all their stories about this cream and other stuff in the PCOS Policystic Ovarian Syndrome forum. They love ths magic cream precisely because it is easy, fast, does not cause ingrown hairs and does not leave the black stubble. Check the experiences of these other ladies.


PCOS Message Board - ** Magic Cream update ** link removed


Good luck

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