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I'm not being selfish! You agreed!

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Hello everyone!


I just wanted to know if you think I was being selfish. You see Last Friday was the prom at my school and I didn't go because it was far too expenceive, not my sort of place.


So me and Frankie (Boxinggurl89) as she is not going either decided we would have our own night out instead since we didn't go. Anyway Jazmine a friend I have mentioned countless times who went to the prom is insting to tag along with us. Now usually I wouldn't mind so much. We don't always see eye too eye and she is a "female dog" all the time, but I put up with it.


But I don't want her to come because it doesn't seem fair. So I told her over the phone and she called me a traitor and humg up!


... charming. but she knew way n advance she couldn't come and she was fine. Then accused me of spending all my time with Frankie.


But what am I suppose to do? I don't think it's fair too invite her. So am I selfish?



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I think I missed something. Was it not fair because she went to the prom, or because you just wanted it to be you and Frankie??


Anyways, either way, it's your choice. You and Frankie could invite anyone you wanted. If you would rather have not had her go, then that's fine. Hopefully you gave her an honest excuse though.


I'm sure she will get over it eventually. She probably just feels left out, which is understandable. However I'm sure if you plan for another outting and include her, then she will be fine.

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