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Waiting on love!

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Romantic relationships excite me a lot. I have been in a few of them and one was absolutely amazing. Lately i feel like im just waiting in line for an awesome girl to come a long! I dont know how healthy this is to do because its not like i can see when its my turn to fall in love. Sometimes it can feel agonizing.


Is there anything i can do during this time? I mean i enjoy myself a lot. I love to spend time with myself and spend time with my buddies. I just know Saturdays are better spent when ya make pancakes for two instead of one Am i approaching this from the wrong angle?


Also, i dont really go outta my way to get women. Im a very outgoing person but i seem to let things 'just happen'. Maybe thats why i titled this thing waiting on love instead of looking for love! Anyway, any thoughts or suggestions would be appretiated

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Well, there's nothing wrong with waiting on love. I know several guys who take the laid-back approach to pursuing love and relationships....it's not that they do it on purpose, it's just their nature, lol. So I think there is nothing wrong with waiting, just as long as you don't become lazy with it. Because there is a difference between the two. Also, it's okay to just 'wait for love' itself, but if you see a girl that you feel is truly special, then don't you 'wait' on her my friend....go bust a move!

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hey well you seem to have the right approach honestly. cuz if you go looking you'll never find, i mean granted you have to make some moves some effort but it is best to just let things flow. and realize that love isnt the most important thing however i know how it feels. i truly do, and love is exciting, however it never stays that way and you need to realize that no matter what relationhsip you enter be prepared for that excitment to die down--ALOT lol.

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