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I'm cool with taking it slow, but need some advice

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So if any of you had read my last post ( link removed ) you'll know that my current girl wants to take things slow.


You all helped me to put things into perspective and I'm cool with taking it slow. But the one thing I'm not sure on is physical contact. Ever since we (or rather, she told me) 'took it slow' I've been quite hesitant to cuddle with her or give her a kiss.


Before we would cuddle on the couch (she would usually cuddle up to me) and we have kissed before and such. Now I'm just not sure...I'm afraid to put my arm around her strictly because she wanted to take it slow. I'm not sure if that means no physical contact.


I'll still touch her, like rub her arm or something and put my hand on her leg when I laugh at something she says...its just...I want to cuddle but I'm not sure if it's the thing to do. I don't think it's a big deal, but perhaps it's a bit more emotional a thing to do at this point where she still wants to get to know me better?



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Its not easy is it? I should know. Its tough because you dont know if she means taking it slow emotionally or physically. If you put a foot out of place you are afraid the whole thing will go wrong. Dony worry, it will make the situation worse as you might give off bad signals and feeling akward might confuse her. Just be the same as you were before she seemed happy with that, dont force it. But there is no harm in asking her!

If u need anything, you are welcome to PM me.


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When she told you to take it slow she didetn mean a toltal stop, but this dosent mean you go around the board neather so to speak. Just means take it slow, just take it one step at a time.


When you want to cuttle or something it never herts to ask. She might even like having you ask if you can do this or do that. Just be patent and take it slow, in other words just go with the flow. But when you are just remember to watch her bodylanguage look for sings that say "Yes i like this go ahead" or "Stop now your bothering me" and keep open comunication, You might also want to ask her what she ment by going slow, and get an idea of what she means.


welllp hope everything goes good for you and don't forget to keep comunication open, and read here body language, just instead of going 1,2,3 maybe even go 1,1.5,2,2.5 instead. But you really should ask her and find out what is acceptibal by her



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