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taking a break, seperated, never used NC

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ok my bf and I took a break, broke up and have been separated for six months. when we first broke up he said that he had made a big mistake, and we continued to see each other. I had already gotten a house of my own and was stuck with a six months lease i could't ge out of. now my lease wil be up in a few weeks. i told him i have to move out but he never offered for me to move back into his place. he seemed really concerned as to where i would be moving to. i told him i really wasn't sure, but that i have thought about moving far away. i don't know if i should move back closer to him or move far away and get on with my life.

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Sounds like you're sort of in limbo...have you discussed the relationship with him? I think you need to figure out if it's really over for good. Don't wait around. If you still want him, then ask him. If he says yes, it's over then move on and don't look back.

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