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Confused...!!!Help people!

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Okay. so me and my current boyfriend broke up but have recently gotten back together. After the first couple of times that we had sex, i found out i had gotten herpes. I don't know if he gave it to me, but it could have only been him or this other guy. My boyfriend said he had never had any symptoms. But you can have it , and not have any symptoms. That was almost a month ago...


Yesterday he said he had a bump on his penis..I looked at it but it was only one bump. It looked like a soar, but could he have a breakout with only one bump? Also could it be that i gave it to him...or did he give it to me, but he is finally getting a breakout???!!!

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Have you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex? If so, then he most likely has it.


Was your boyfriend with any body else besides you? If he wasn't then you most likely caught it from the other guy. If you have both been with other people, then I don't know that you can be sure who gave it to who. The important thing is that he goes and gets tested.

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Well, if you really need to know, then I guess you should talk to the other guy you were with and have him get tested. And your boyfriend should talk to the girl he was with and stuff.


Chances are, if the guy you were with has it, then you caught it from him and gave it to your boyfriend.. and if the girl he was with has it, then she probably gave it to him and he gave it to you. But even at that, you can't be sure who had it first.

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