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Should I or shouldn't I? what should I do?

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Hey everyone,


I haven't posted here in quite some time and surprisingly, this has nothing to do with my ex crazy hey? no, not really.


anyways, here's the scoop. My best friend of about 16-17years has been doing some things that I feel is completely disrespectful. First things first, we went to the bar this saturday. I thought I'd hang out with the guy, have a good time, you know. This girl he was interested in showed up and he chilled with her, I have no problems fending for myself so I didn't have any problems.


The problem came when it was time for us to go home. Apparently he had been counting on someone else to pick him up without prior arrangements. So I was pretty angry about that because his "ride" wasn't "aware they were going to pick us up". So I was sitting there thinking "How exactly did he expect us to get home?" so i didn't say anything because I probably should have said something earlier to make sure that this wouldn't have happened to begin with. But he gave me a ride there, so i figured he'd give me a ride back.


only when this happened i was pretty angry because i felt that it was a foolish thing to have done and to drag me into this without a choice. I didn't say anything though because I felt that a strong, mature person doesn't let such a thing bug them. They should be fine with all these kinds of things right?


Then tonight something happened to jerk my chain again. First we made loose plans, meaning he phoned me asked if i wanted to hang out and i said sure, meaning nothing was exactly concrete so anything could happen. He gets a call from his new gf and we head down to hang out with her, no problems right? Then we bring her back to his place where we all talk and watch tv. But they start making out, with me on the other couch, as if i couldn't tell and then at about 2am... he says "Ok man I'm gonna drive her home, i'll be quick."


so already I've been burned with this when it was 1am and he went out to his ex gfs place because she was mad at him. He didn't come back until like 3am and just felt like he could say "sorry man, i couldn't get out of there soon enough." and everything would be ok. So this time the same thing, I'm waiting... I'm waiting... it's now about 3:40 by the time the guy walks in. I'm sitting there wondering what good excuse he's come up with, because I know he's got a lot of them. I don't say anything to provoking because hey, you just never know right?


So after all these things, I'm feeling like hey man you should say something. You should talk to him and express how disrespectful you think he's being to you. But I don't believe I have the grounds to do so, that I should just be cool with all of this and not be such a big "baby" but maybe I do have the right to be angry and to tell him this and that's why I'm asking you guys (and girls) out there what I should do.


One last thing, I know it's not really a good thing to be posting this to the public when it involves him or anyone really. Because they don't know that I'm talking about them and all that, I wonder how I'd react if I saw the same thing if my friend did it.


So yeah, please let me know! Thanks all!!!

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I really dont think that you would be considered as a "big baby" if you just brought up the situation to him causaully. I mean you certainly have the right to say something because what he did was rude and disrespectful. Like imagine if you did this to your girlfriend, she would obviously get very mad at you for not staying committed to your plans. You should talk to him and just say "hey I was kinda bothered about what you did to me the other night cuz I was just sitting here waiting until you came back". Expressing your feelings on that matter is hardly at all childish its being assertive.

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Your not acting like a big baby, if you tell your friend how you feel. If he's being rather disrespectful, than you should tell him. Sometimes, it's best to let their be conflict in a friendship. Otherwise, things won't get solved. Good luck!

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hey i don't know what to say about the bar situation but about the posting thing. If your friends don't go on here then its fine, because i think if my friend saw what i had posted she would be furious but this is not a website she has ever visited, i just discovered it today. so u know people need advice.

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