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Not sure what's wrong...

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Hello Guys,


I am new around here, just browsed before, however now I need some advice.


I met this girl at college.We never really talked much to each other, although our circle of friends in college is pretty much the same.

However one day we just met by chance, had a nice conversation, I just asked her phone number and if she would like to have some coffee with me sometime. She agreed. At the very next day I called her and that was the most beautiful day of my life and I feel like she felt the same too. She showed me her favourite places in the city. We had a lot of fun - because it turns we have common interests in books, music and others.She told me about her family and friends, I told her about mine.I made her laugh every single minute (I am not a joker or anything, just can make girls laugh ). We had just spent 6 hours together and after that I took her to the beach where we had our first kiss by the moonlight. May sound romantic, but that's just me - a hardcore romanticist .

Everything happened really, really fast . We only had 3 dates by now and when I am with her, I can talk about everything, I feel so good. We are having a lot of fun just the two of us. I never had a relationship like that.


What went wrong ...


On our last date, I took her to the park. We found a nice spot. I had bought a chocolate before that and had some nice music loaded in my mp3player and I told her - "I want you to relax and feel good.". She was pretty tired that day, because she is into ballet. So we were sitting there, hugging and all. At some time I felt something was wrong.

She stood up on the bench and said - "You are too good for me. I had a relationship just two months ago and I feel guilty."

I felt just... awful. So, I asked her if she feels something about her last relationship (which only lasted 1 month, because they didn't get along). I asked her if she has feelings for me and if I did something wrong.

She said if she had to choose, she would choose me and that the problem

was in her.She wanted to feel sure for everything she starts.

I was really stunned.

Then I said - "Ok, how about we have a timeout period for a week. I will not call you for a week in order to clear things out for ourselves." She agreed. Then I asked her if she wants us to have dinner before I walk her home. And even though the conversation in the park, we had a great evening again - lots of laugh and fun.At that end of the evening I felt bad, because I didn't want just a friendship (which I was afraid our relationship is turning into), but something more than that.


Now I am really really confused and feel down every single day.I will call her in 5 days in order to clear things out. I cannot stop thinking about her.I can't even do my work right (I'm a working student - have to pay my rent and education somehow, you know). I do not want to suppress her with phone calls and stuff, but I miss her a lot. I thought about it a few days and now I know I am ready to tell her _all_ about my feelings and I just know it will hurt like hell if whe doesn't feel the same.


All of my friends say that I am the luckiest guy on Earth, because she is one of the most popular girls in college and doesn't date everyone."You are lucky, so don't mess this up." - everyone says.

Such statements make me feel bad again.I don't feel her like a trophy, I know I feel love and I am afraid not to miss something beautiful, something I waited for so long.


I would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed or if someone had a similar fast-relationship experience like this before and can share some knowledge.


Sorry, for the long post and my bad english - it is not my native language.


Thank you.

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u seem like a long term relationship type of fellow and maybe thats it. she could just might feel that she wants time to sort her emotions, but if she brings friendship into it then perhaps she does feel like ur too good for her, she could be going through her ow issues right now, give it time, she may not want a serious relationship right now, or maybe she feels that its moving too fast. the advice i can give you is right now be a friend to her, let her know that u can wait till she is ready.

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You seem like a really great guy, and from your account, she seemed to have a great time with you. Having said that, I think she just needs to take some time to clear her head before things get serious. If she's just gotten out of a previous relationship, you may be the be rebound guy. Perhaps, that's why she was honest with you, for she realizes you could be more and just wants to make sure her feelings are resolved before you two get more emotionally involved. Give her some space and then talk it through. Good luck.

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