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think im pregnant..again

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well..about 2 months ago i had a baby and the whole time i was pregnant i was with a lot of different guys. not sleeping together or anything but just going out and having fun. ive been seeing this one guy and we went out 2 weeks after i had my daughter because i needed some time out to think and my mom watched kianna. any way..we had a great night and ended up sleeping together. me and him are no longer speaking because the jerk found out about my daughter and said he really liked me but didnt wanna get serious because he wasnt ready to be a father figure and a bunch of other garbage..any way..these past 3 days ive been pretty sick and havent done much. the only thing that makes me feel beter is herbal tea and crackers(just what i had when i was pregnant). im worried because im only sick in the morning..and i only had morning sickness when i was pregnant. it was sooo stupid to even go out this soon and kinda sorta go back to my old ways..we used protection but just my luck..i think im pregnant.


im so scared to take a pregnancy test because if i am pregnant again i dont know what ill do. i know i should just to find out but...its hard. i dont know how i can handle this again. and also..if i am pregnant, the jerk wont take care of this kid, the guy who fathered kianna said hed be there and then bailed and moved to california with his mom. i'm stupid!!!!


any advice would be greatly appreciated



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Yes- take the test asap and don't sleep with anyone until YOU, and YOU ALONE, are ready to have another baby.


Sweetie- you need to focus on the first one. You made the decision to have sex, create a baby (by not using protection), have it and now you've done it again.


I think at your age you should assume that any guy you sleep with isn't ready to be a father figure. Most men in their twenties aren't ready. You made your decisions- try to live with them.


Good luck to you.

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me and him are no longer speaking because the jerk found out about my daughter and said he really liked me but didnt wanna get serious because he wasnt ready to be a father figure and a bunch of other garbage..


I know you didn't post this to be lectured, but you really should be using birth control if you're going to be having sex. One child at your age is more than enough. And if guys don't know you well enough to know you have a child, you shouldn't be sleeping with them. I would have responded the same way as that guy if I were him when he found out about your child. If you want a serious relationship with anyone in the future, you should let them know about your situation before you start having sex with them.


Here's a not so fun fact about STD's I often mention in sex related threads.


1 in 4 people in the United States have herpes. So for every 4 people you have sex with, you've statistically been exposed to herpes. Of those who are infected, 50% don't know they have it. There is no cure for herpes. More deadly diseases (like HIV) are often mentioned when people are told to have safe sex, but the number of people with herpes and other STD's is huge compared to HIV. So preventing pregnancy isn't the only reason you should be using condoms.


That being said, I agree the other posters - get a pregnancy test ASAP. I understand if you're anxious about the results, but it's better that you know one way or the other. Let us know how it goes...

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ok...people have mentioned in other posts to use protection..i said i DID use protection..

we used protection but just my luck..i think im pregnant.

u know..there is a chance of becoming pregnant even if protection is used..and i am on birth control. after having one baby..i think i learned..i was actually on it for a year before...theres just some people who are the unlucky 2% or whatever the chances are. im not trying to be nasty to you all or anything ..but i just wanted to clear that up...

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D'oh. Missed that. Sorry.


Yeah no birth control is full proof... My older brother and his now current wife were on birth control, and she got pregnant.


It's possible your symptoms are just psycho somatic - in other words, you're just thinking it all up because you're stressed out. There's no way to be sure though until you get tested. If you find you are pregnant, are you going to keep the child?

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It's good that you are using birth control but that is no excuse not to use a condom, especially with a guy you didn't know well enough to tell him you already had a child. You should not have unprotected sex unless you are in a monogamous relationship. As the other posters say, it's not only pregnancy that's the issue but STD. If you accidentally have a child, you can love him/her for the rest of your life, but you ain't gonna love the STD.

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One thing that needs to be underlined amongst all the talk of condoms and your need to go wee on a stick (get the test done) is that you are 16. and to you it is a big age, a time when you feel like you own the world and are experienced enough to listen to no one but believe me the challenges that are thrown to you at 16 are nothing to the ones that will be with you at 26 or 36 or 46.

If you are going to start a relationship with a guy the very first thing you need to do is introduce him to your daughter, this will give you an indication of how serious he is toward you.

I hope you are not pregnant again, not because I don't think you are a great mum, but because it is a great deal of work for both you and your family at a time when you also need to be thinking about the life path you can make for yourself.

Be safe, keep taking your style of protection, and always get the guy to wear a condom on the first time (thats another way of finding out how serious he is)

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well..i pushed myself to the drugstore and i bought a pregnancy test..i took the test this morning. i'm not pregnant. thanks for all the replies everyone...


and to just say one more thing..we DID use a condom..i dont know if i worded the forum wrong or what but it seems like everyone was sayin i should have used one..we did! im not THAT irresponsible. any way..thanks again for all the feedback.



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Hey girl,


I can imagine you are over-aware of all the symptoms of a pregnancy, after having experienced them. You do seem like a responsible girl to me, we are just worried about you and a baby and seeing you're so young. I am happy things turned out to be ok!!


Have you considered to have a device inserted as protection (to go double protected the next time you have sex)? I have a thing called Mirena, I am not sure they will do it at such a young age, but inserting it is supposed to be much less painful if you already gave birth. It DID hurt when I got mine, but it's in theory as safe as the pill (99,9%), and in practice even more since we all forget to take the pill once in a while. It's just a thought for you, maybe you can discuss these things with your doctor.


I hope you are relieved,


Take care, Ilse.

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