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Have you ever gotten in love at the first instante message

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July 7, i met the girl of my life.we were chatting for hours about this and that. She is so perfect do to the following.


1. She doesnt care about looks.


2.She said she was an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10


3.shes college bound (wants to go to juilliard)


4.She thinks rollerbladers are hot (im a rollerblader


5.She is wealthy (has nothing to do with anything just some info for you)


6.i can go on and on.


7.She wont dump a guy unless he does first


Now i disscused with her that i am lowr to middle class. I live in the eastside.I am college bound to. The stuff that matters,lets just put it that way.I also told her that ihave had only 2 girlfriends in my life.she told me she had over 25 in her life.(no she does not have any STDs)She is totally find that i am a rookie. I also told her that i have never gotten into a fight in my life.(all of the above,she answered that it was all ok)


basically she is the queen and i am the stable boy,or if you seen the tv show "The O.C" its excactly like that. She really loves me................alot.




1.She lives in las vegas,but travels to bakersfield alot.(her parents are divorced)


2On the 27 she will be leaving bakersfield to las vegas and she has no comp in las vegas.


Now she doesnt know what the address of her house in bakersfield is cause her mom own like 80 acres of land and doesnt know were the mailbox is.She wants to writte to me,and of course i also want to. We wont call each other cause you know how complicated that can be. She already told me the street she lives in,all kinds of stuff that an online predator can use, so you can imagen how much she trusts me.We want to send each other one of those fancy wallet photos that some people carry in there wallet(obviously) and writte stuff onj the back you know;by the mail.




well first of all.Are there any advice in this website on talking to women/a women online? What can a just..............i dont know do to........i dont know im just maddly inlove with her.


Only positive thing The only thing positive about this is that i am a junior and i get out of high school in two years and get to meet her. Right now just threw mail.What should i do i just love this girl, i am freaking out, ahhh.What should i do ,where should i go,How do i do it.PLEASE HELP! please

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You are feeling the giddiness of attraction, but you are not in love. Love takes hard work and it means going through the bad with the good. You've made a connection, so if you can meet and get to know each other great. But I'd chill out a bit. She's said a lot of wonderful things online (as have you), but you haven't met her and know if she'll follow through.

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Online long distance relationships are risky business. It's a piece of cake to be someone who you aren't, even from the first word. Talking over the phone would help unmask her. What is so confusing about talking over the phone? Wouldn't you much rather hear her voice and KNOW what this person sounds like? I could easily pose as someone else online. It's not hard at all nowadays.


All I gotta say is just be careful, and don't get your hopes up with this person. You haven't even met in person yet. And you may end up hating this girl once you meet her in person. Attractiveness is objective. For all we know, she could be lying, too.


Safety is the number one concern online. We just want to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

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Ok one of my online friends told me he had feelings for me. Big mistake!. I told him and thought I felt the same. I met him today and I know that we are only going to be friends. We'll have such a close friendship so I've made a great new friend out of this. We based alot on the conversations we have. So until you meet that person in real life you shouldn't think to much into feelings. It only confuses things and makes the situation a little tough all round.

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shouldnt this be in the cyber-relationships forum?


Wow u fell in love pretty fast, about she not having a computer in las vegas, well u said she's wealthy, and phone is just too complicated, may i suggest SMS? i know its not the same but when you are missing her really bad it helps, also, i'm sure she could find time(if she wanted) at least once in a while to go to a cafe or borrow someones pc or whatever, about she not knowing where the mailbox is.... well she could ask, im sure it wont take long to find out.

I think your very sweet, i doubt you need real advice with talking to her, becouse if you are this in love you must know how to, otherwize she would already stopped talking to you; but dont you think a week is too soon? specially online, to fall in love?, and no, i'm not saying it cant be possible, i'll meet the love of my life soon actually and i met him online, but i'm just saying it wouldnt hurt to know her a bit more.

The most important thing is, for me at least, how does she feel about you? does she knows how you feel? are you two already dating?, is there even a tiny chance she didint gave you her mail address not becouse she didint know it, but becouse she didint want to, or wasnt ready yet? if a girl thinks your going too fast you'll end up scaring her away.

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And everything is so misinterpretable online. I spent a little over a week talking/flirting with this girl I was interested in a while back only to find out that she already had a boyfriend and that she's just a super friendly girl, so she didn't realize that I was interested in her as more then a friend.


Meeting up in person changes everything. It's really easy to be a smooth talker online, when in real life you stutter over your words.

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Meeting up in person changes everything. It's really easy to be a smooth talker online, when in real life you stutter over your words.


I have to say I agree. If you hit it off with someone then great, but don't hold such high expectations. Your really need to meet first.

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We wont call each other cause you know how complicated that can be.

Yeah... holding on to the phone with one hand, pushing buttons with the other... why bother really?


I'm am continually amazed at the merit IM conversations get on this forum.

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Sounds like you are jumping the gun here, its possible for you to find out that you are compatible with a person online but you really do need to meet them in order to see how you interact in person. It sounds like you are also getting your hopes up, but im sure you will learn from this experience.

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I won't question the veracity of your feelings. Your feelings seem to be genuine, and you've got a pretty innocent outlook on the situation. Love is different things to different people - because you love someone you've never met does not make your feelings invalid or incorrect.


The problem you now face is moving on to the next step: an in-person meeting. It's difficult without any means of transportation, especially being that you're fairly young. If you do have a goal of meeting up with her, plan out steps you'll take to accomplish this. Ex. finding a part time job after school, saving your allowance, or any other activity you can think of which will help you achieve your goal. Good luck.

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