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I was wondering...if anyone that has been the initiator of NC, wanted to break it? Right now I am the initiator, but I know at some point I could get weak and cave in. Have you received emails or phone calls, and wanted to reply, but for whatever reason you didn't?? What kept you from responding? How long before you gave in, or did you?

Just wondering hwo many initiators of NC actually got through the same turmoil as the "dumpees".

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If the initiator still carries fond memories of their ex, then it is VERY easy to cave. However, those of us who are happy to be out of the relationship, usually try to avoid taking calls and emails because frankly, why be in a relationship with a person u dislike? Usually the main thing that has always stopped me from calling back is remembering all the bad attributes of our relationship. If you want to get over someone, don't only focus on the "good" but also the bad. Examine your relationship and decide if something is worth saving. If no, why would u want to break no contact? Don't say, 'to be friends', for that never works. Your past always hinders you from carrying out a 'friendship' with your ex. Not saying it NEVER works, but very few people have made it work.

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