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Is it ok to ask if he's Cheating

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If you do, you had better have very good grounds for your suspicions or you could easily wreck the relationship.


If you do not have good grounds all he has to do is deny it.


If you know he is, why bother asking?

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If you have to ask, he probably is. I've never experienced it personally, but so many people on this board say to trust your instincts.


That being said, why are you suspicious?


But there are also people on this board who say they have been accused of cheating when they have not. No doubt the partner who made the accusation in those cases also trusted their instincts.

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agree again with previous posters...


1. no point in asking, dont expect the truth from cheaters


2. if u have to ask u will be right. so no point


3. what are ur suspicions? if ur wrong asking is almost as bad as accusing. very destyructive....

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