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Perfect or imperfect?

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I don't think anyone is truly perfect...and if they think so, they are severely mistaken.


We all have our flaws, whether they be physical, emotional or intellectual...but thats what makes us unique and interesting.


thereforeeee I would much rather date someone who was imperfect because imperfections add character and make things interesting.

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Aaargh, damn it.


I just spent another $600 on my local gym membership (the gym is in the heart of the local gay neighborhood and I always seem to be the only girl there--I love it!)... And a lot more than that on a teeth whitening treatment last month, a new haircut and way-too-expensive-for-me cosmetics just yesterday... I don't even want to discuss the doubtful pleasures of waxing, tweezing, avoiding fried food, and staying out of the sun...


And that's just the physical stuff (don't even get me started on education, family & social life).


So what's the point of my eternal strive for perfection it is the flaws that define me?


Maybe I'm just spoiled.

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I think that "perfect" people who are meticulous about their looks are actually just as imperfect as anyone else, they're just attempting at becoming something that is unattainable a little harder than others. I work out, go shopping, and spend time primping to look good, but I definetly wouldn't say I obsess over what I look like as many people do. Since I'm not obssessive, I get very annoyed with those who are always worrying about how they look and put that first above all. I remember this one time when I was dating a guy and we went to a fair, we had to walk completely out of our way because the path was a little muddy and he didn't want to get the bottom of his shoes too dirty. It kind of made me feel gross because I was so ready to walk accross the mud. Anyway, I really would rather have the less perfect of the two if I was to chose, just because sometimes I like to be low-maintance and don't want to feel bad about it. (And just because it's no fun always taking the long way and wasting too much life in front of the mirror.)

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If the guy is dating you and he really likes you, here's going to see your appearance as perfect anyways. What you will see as imperfections, he'll think are perfect just as it is. People tend to be hardest on themselves.


And true, no one is perfect. What matters is that two people are perfect for each other, in all areas.

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Nobody's perfect, but when I see a girl I like...I forget all her imperfections. I'm aware of my imperfections too, and I can only hope that I will be able to change the things in my control. My favourite saying goes.. "I don't love you because you're beautiful, but you're beautiful because I love you."

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I'd say it depends, because perfection also relates to excellence. Getting things done in a near 100% way shouldn't be a flaw in it itself. But really, unless his/her perfection is affecting your life in a negative sense - and that you cannot change that fact, it shouldn't be something to judge upon.


Whether you want to hang out with either of the 2 guys shouldn't be based on perfection or inperfection, it never does. It could be based on your personality to choose either of them. I know this girl who likes to choose weak guys; that's a myth to me, but it's one of those personal taste brought from her own insecurity.

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