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Is it ok to be friend with ur EX?

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Is it ok to be friends again with your Ex? Its been a week now since we broke up, It seems that he is not affected about the situation. I still love him but he seems to take this breakup so easily but I'm not. im struggling and keeping the NC! what should i do, I will see him in class...and surely lateron we will act as if nothing happened, like we are best friends but infact we had a very messy breakup. Why guys are like this? Should i ignore him? (he is even my seatmate in class!!) and pretend that I moved on? Help

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Let me ask you if you really want to? I mean generally friends talk and share stuff with each other. Could you really handle talking about his new g/f one day? It doesn't mean you can't be civil to each other. But friends? Really?

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If you both don't want each other back as boyfriend/girlfriend then I don't see a problem in being friends with an ex. If one or the other is being friends in hopes of becoming close again.... I don't think it's a good idea. All it really does is prolong the healing you'll need so you can get over them and move on to someone else.

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Well, I dated the same guy all throughout highschool for 3.5 years... we broke up shortly before my senior year ended, and completely stopped talking. If I saw him in the halls, I'd look the other way. About six months after we broke up, he called and said he'd found our old pictures and was just calling to say hi, and to see if we could be friends. After the 6 months of not talking to each other, we were both already moved on, and at a place in our lives where we could be friends. You do have to be prepared though... because they are going to be talking about new girls that they are dating or whatever so if you still have any feelings for him, it's not really a good idea to try and be friends. My ex and I have long conversations about our relationships now, and get each others opinions, because we know each other so well.... any time I need a guy's advice I go streight to him, because he knows me, and I know he'll tell me exactly what he thinks... just keep in mind that new gf/bfs will come up in the convo if you decide to be friends, so be prepared for that. It can work, but in my case, I usually have to wait it out and have NC for a couple of months so I can first move on and get on with my life, and THEN I can think about having a friendship with my ex....

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I really don't know his intentions, if he still want me or he just being friendly. Do we need to talk about this or I will let it go. We did not talked very serious when we broke up. For sure I really want him back, but its not a good idea, and it will hurt me a lot if he has no feelings for me anymore. He is so undecisive. I think I did pushed him to break up with me....do we need to talk again? or this over?

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