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how can you do it with a guy you think is straight

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well at least i think hes straight a lot of people say hes gay but i dont know for shoe but i really like him and people says it seems like hes interested in me but i think hes probably straight so im about to move anyways so how can i try and have sex with him or at least get a kiss but i dont wanna find out if hes gay or not just want sex or a kiss cus he does have condomes with him PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whoa dude, settle down.


If the dude is straight, you cant have kiss or have sex with the guy. If hes not gay then hes not interested in you.


My advice, settle down a bit and dont try to rush so many things. Just cause your moving and in a hurry doesnt mean the world is on a deadline.

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Are you thinking straight O_G? (pun possibly intended) being straight means he isn't sexually attracted to or actively sexual wih other men but rather, with women, thus there is no way to sleep with or kiss him, unless 1. He turns gay or 2. he was indeed never straight in the first place. Hence your only option is to find out. In this case since it doesnt sound like you know anyone who would know, you either have to get someone nuetral to find out, or confront him with it yourself. If he isnt gay, take a cold shower, if he is, take a shower together. Weigh your gains and balances only you can decide what sacrifices are worth finding out. Good luck

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