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Conversational skills

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I'm not too good at conversation. It's not for lack of vocabulary, I just plain suck at saying things. It's like my mind is completely blank whenever someone is talking to me. If anyone has any tips on how to help with my conversational skills, I'd like to hear them. thanks.

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Is there a Toastmasters group near you? It's a international public speaking organization that I joined a while ago. In addition to helping my public speaking, I think it helped me to become a better coversationalist.


Good luck, and when in doubt, talk about topics you're pretty sure the *other* person is interested in...

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What works for one person might not work for another. You just have to experiment. Listen to people who are good conversationalists (talk shows maybe?). Try to pick up on what they are doing. Go listen to a debate somewhere. Watch movies that have good conversationalists. Emulate the style. Anywhere you go in public there are conversations taking place. Don't eavesdrop, but listen to how the person is talking.


Do you find it difficult to say something like..


"I was reading in the newspaper about this guy who did this thing and this place..."


or is it more of WHAT to talk about? If that's the case, keep up on current events and the latest gossip. That way you'll have something to talk about.


Conversation skills are just something you have to practice to get good at. Not everyone was born to be a natural it. What's more important than talking is listening to what they have to say. If you listen and comprehend what the person is saying then you can chip in your opinion. Listening is often more important than being the dominant speaker.


I just found this site a minute ago, check it out.

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It might be of some use to you.

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When your at lack of words to say something, your mind sometimes just seems to wonder on. I suggest try to talk about a subject you know the other person is interested in and go from there. Or maybe just say 'hi' and ask how they are. A good way to keep things going, is to think of any important issues, such as on the news. That's just for some ideas. Good luck!

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