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I don't think if your shy if it matters or not.. usually girls give out SIGNALS that men need to pick up and then the men need to have the confidence to go over and start a conversation..


If she knows that you ARE shy then they will most likely not really talk to you because being shy is a form of insecurity.. its not being comfortable with yourself. However, this is not true with all cases about how girls won't approach.. but usually all...

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If you are cross-armed, frowning, and looking down, then of course no one is going to want to approach you and strike up a conversation (shy or not) -- guys or girls. It's all about the body language and vibe you send off. However, if you are smiling, upbeat and open, then it isn't that uncommon for a shy guy to be approached by a girl. You have to send off the right signals/vibes to make it happen.

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I wouldn't say that's necessarily true. I used to be really shy, but I think that

only kept the shy girls away. If a girl likes you, she will find a way to approach you. Of course with girls, everything is subtile. It could be a smile from accross a room, a wave or even a "hi" in passing. It's often much more questionable like looking and then looking away.


If you want a girl to come and talk to you, she needs encouragement (this hold true for guys as well.) First of all you have to look at her, lock eyes if possible and most importantly SMILE. If you're uncomfortable, you can look down for a few seconds, but then try again and see if she's smiling. If she is, that's a good sign that she's not going to bite your head off if you try to talk to her. She feels more comfortable. By this point, it's probably better if you go talk to her. If you can't get your feet to move, you can always repeat the behavior a few more times to entice her to come to you or just motion her to you. It's still better if you approach them. It's really what women expect.

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Couldn't agree more with all the above posts. I'm afraid that as guys it's our job to do the hard bit, which for shy guys means that life is tough. On very rare occasions women will approach, but you have to be very good looking and you have to give out very positive signals.

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