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A friend of mine likes me...and I like her! We had the most amazing weekend together reconnecting and getting to know each other again. She wants to 'go slow'. We don't live in the same city, so really we have no choice but to go slow. We are very compatible, and we were both feeling really happy and excited about what is happening. I don't want to get 'high hopes', being that we do live several hours apart, but I am also thinking positively. I have never been in a LDR before, so I do feel a little nervous about that.


I feel excited. I just had to share!

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Hey Patience,


Congratulations!!! Just with your guidence and help, I can tell that she is a very lucky woman to find someone like you. I want to wish you both the best of luck. My one advice, and you pretty much know it, follow the "slow" step process. Do not be in a rush. If she truly cares about you, things will work itself out .

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