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Okay my ex and i are best friends,it's kind of hard,but that's how it was before we were dating and that's just how it is now, he broke up with me when i moved, he was scared of it turning out like his past relationships. the problem is he calls everyday,and says he misses me and then says i shoudl come home and see him,and stay with him.then we were online and he was drunk and thought i was someone else and started talking(i thought he knew it was me,and i didn't know he was drunk) we were talking about how he called his ex to get back with her,...and then told me about how he was getting drunk cause she said he needed to move on,and then asked how my "boyfriend" and i were doing. and that's when i was like who do you think your talking too,? and then he called me saying he was so sorry,and to forget what he said, but i couldn't cause he never would have told me that stuff,and if were best friends like he says and wants to be he should tell me, i knew he drank just not as much as i found out, and then about 3 days later after he kept saying sorry and i told him not too,he said i should come home and see him, i was like why do you keep saying that if you called your other ex asking to take you back? and he said i should move on,and i didn't say anything,...i don't know what to say and we still talk or text everyday, and it's been about two weeks since this happened. i don't get what is going on with him, he said he was moving on,and i should too,yet he keeps saying to come back to him and stay with him... i am confused,and also he is spending alot of tie with my other best friend, i wouldn't normally have a problem with it but she is trying to play sides and it sucks. i talked to both of them but they think i am making this up.? any ideas on what i should do? or just any thoughts on this at all? any advice or thoughts would be greatly appricated


*Confused Chickie*

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It seems to be that you really need to go see him, sit down, and have a long deep discussion with him. He's definitely sending you mixed messages. And from my point of view, I know she's your best friend, but I would look a little deeper into that. If they are both saying you're making things up, they must be confiding in each other. Perhaps there is something going on? I find it hard to believe that ANY best friend would be just as close to you as she is to your ex boyfriend unless there is something deeper going on in there. But that's up to you because I know that heartache and you would TRY to be oblivious if something like that was going on just so you wouldnt know. I totally would be confused so how you are feeling is nothing unusual. Tell him exactly how you feel and hwo you don't understand how he wants you to move on if he keeps telling you to come back. Thats all I can say, sorry I dont have much advice, good luck!

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