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Please help me. I think I'm love sick

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Hon, you need to know what is going on and you have every right to wonder! She makes passes at you and attacks you and now you are going out of town with her and her new boyfriend. That is crazy.


You need to call her and tell her that you need to talk to her in person. If you are just her back-up plan then you need to drop her!


Keep us posted!

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I can give you the benefit of my very brief experience.


My partner would class herself as bisexual and has had a number of flings with other women ( when she was single). But she always said that while she enjoyed being with other woman she would never get into a serious commited relationship with one, she would only do that with a guy. I guess because she always wanted the traditional marriage with children thing. Maybe this is how your friend thinks?

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richgabe I think that is a big possibility. She has told me that she doesn't want to get married and that either she won't have children or she will adopt. Still, I think it's possible that she would only want to have a relationship with a guy.

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You probably should have used that as a follow-up question after she told you that she is madly in love with this guy and his son.


You definitely need to ask her because she is using you for sex and as a back-up plan.


Now that you know, you need to consider no contact because it will help you to move on and find someone worthy of your time and affections. You deserve it!!!

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