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Got my parental assessment

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And well some is true, some isn't, and mostly it's very hurtful. I wouldn't wish something like this on my worst enemy. The worst is I've tried as hard as I'm able and all this did was say I was unfit basically. Too self-absorbed it says, unable to bond properly, etc. My best friend since jr. highschool says they don't know what they're talking about, of course she likes me, has seen most of what I've been through, and knows my son.

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That is my concern. Because I have one who is special needs that I can't manage I'm worried they're going to use this against me. And most of it is hearsay. I personally think they were trying to find things to say to make me look bad. They said I came from an alcoholic home, no I didn't. My parents drank on occasion, like most normal people do. No rampages, no drinking binges, nothing to indicate alcoholism. They said just all kind of untrue things. My friend said to call and ask who to talk to to remedy this stuff because it's just wrong.

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Read this in Harper's... According to a new study, children placed in foster care are twice as likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome as soldiers returning from combat in Iraq. Combat.


This is something very relevant in your situation--just something to think about...

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Simone, it was in his best interest he go. He's well adjusted and enjoys it there. The family is much more structured than I am, which he needs. He's happy, showing some improvement, and now social services sees there is a true mental health issue with him. He sees me several times a week, as well as numerous threapists involved in his care. They are now working with him to transition him to his Dad's (a stern male figure that he desperately needs).


My daughter just turned 3, and my son will be 10. The social worker and I met today she's in agreement with my decisions and believes this is truly in his benefit. She also said the family therapist was not happy about the way certain things came accross in the report.

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