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i've met this really nice girl, we totally hit it off and for the past 2 months we've been flirting alot seeing each other just about every weekend its been good i really like but other nite there she told me she couldnt go out with me cos she doesnt trust me to stay faithful we had an argument about it cos ive told her no matter who i'm with i wouldnt cheat.


so after a long discussion/argument we agreed to give it a go that lasted to til the end of the nite when i told her i was going home and not staying at hers, she then came out with saying that a f*** up her head. she gets jealous very easily and she doesnt like the fact i'm still friends wit my first gf even tho that was over year ago that we were together.


i've told her how i feel its her i want to be with i just dont like the questioning and the dis trust i believe relationships are meant to start off with trust and if it aint there to begin with it doesnt come over time.


please help me my head is wasted i cant stop thinking bout her i really do like her and i dont know how i make her see that she's the only girl i want to be wit.





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Wow, she does sound really jealous! Why didn't you want to stay at her place? Does she still live with her parents?


Why do you need to be friends with your ex? I think that would make me really jealous. I got into a conversation with some lesbians and they said they are not friends with their exes. Some do and some don't. Your gf has every right to be jealous of your ex. She feels like she's in competition with her.


You are obviously in love with your gf. Since that is the case, you need to end things once and for all with your ex. That is the only way to get what you want from your current relationship.


GL! Keep us posted!

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na she was staying at her friends house that night we stayed there all weekend so i decided i wanted to go home cos i hadnt been home since the friday after work. i still live with my parents she lives alone.


I've not really seen my ex for the past few weeks, she really has nothing to be jealous off i'm always friends with ex's but only in some way of texting as a how u doing?


i saw this gf last nite she was gr8, we spoke about everything and cleared the air so hopefully we're back on track get things sorted out. i dont want to loose her i'm willing to try anything to keep her with me.


thanks for your advice it really helps.


Take care!! xx

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