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I gave my GF her first orgasm

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Lots of women never orgasm, ever, not ever ever in there whole life, this can be down to lots of factors and does not nessecarliy mean her lover doesn't know how to please her. Don't be shocked that at 18 your g/f had never had an orgasm, it takes a lot more work for a woman to reach an orgasm than a man anyways.


Just keep her happy!




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Before we were intamite my Gf told me that she has never came before... i was shocked... I have made her orgasm multiply times since then.

=D> Way to go.


It's more common than you would think, unfortunately. A big part of sex is communication, which many people lack because they're either afraid, uncomfortable, or just don't know how to approach the topic. The best way is "hands on" during the act. Don't hesitate to experiment and have fun, but always use protection unless you're certain you want a baby.

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Yah I love her so much and feel privalidged to be the one to take her that far... it wasnt sex though... oral did it for her... I actually didnt know the first time until she told me she did... yes fun times ahead...

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