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Problems with my parents... (LONG!)

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A little background info:


I'm male, 26 yo, and I live with my parents. Before you jump on me about that, it is pretty normal here. Here the normal thing is to move to your own place once you get married. Well, that and the fact that the bad economic situation does not allow people to easily get a place of their own.


Now to the issue...


Had a fight with my dad today. He wanted me to scan some papers so he could send them through e-mail. He asked me about this on Wed, but he didn't had them at home, then on Thursday he forgot them at the office.


He took them home on Friday. Friday I went to work and then went to my GFs house to watch a movie, so it was late in the night (like 2am) when I got home.


On saturday I left home early as I had to run some errands (take the car to the muffler shop, buy some spare parts for my motorcycle) and then I went straight to work (I worked this saturday, as most saturdays, as I get paid extra). At night I went to my GFs house, to watch another movie, as s

she got a cold.

When I got home, he didn't even said "Hi" he just came to my room and told me "Its too late to scan the documents, can we do it tomorrow?"


Obviously I said yes. Today in the morning he woke me up with the document scanning thing, told him we would do it later...

Then he came to my room another time, I hadn't even got up, same thing...


And as Sunday is my only free day in the week, and as it is raining season. I wanted to go early for a ride (I ride motorcycles as my hobby) so I could get home before it rained.

On my way out he asked, again, about the documents...



I couldn't stand it anymore, so I blew. Told him that it was my only free day, asked him to give me some time so I could do whatever I wanted on my only free day. He got upset, told me he would never ask me anything again, blah, blah blah...


Scanning the stupid papers would have taken 10 minutes, why coudlnt he wait until I got back? HE didn't even aske me if I had plans for the Sunday, he just cared about having the documents scanned, and it is always the SAME THING!


If they ask me to do something, and I agree, then for them it shoudl be my top priority!


When I tried to talk to him about this, in the afternoon, when I came back, he told me he didn't wanted me to and that he had already bought a scanner so he could do it himself as I'm never willing to help them and I'm just rude to him!


1 month ago he asked me to put his motorcycle for sale. So I made a sign and every morning parked it in front of our house. This past week I didn't did it as the Electricity Company came and cut some branches off the trees as they were getting close to the wires, and left all the branches, and garbage on the sidewalk. It took one week for the sanitary dept to get a truck to pick up that mess (as they did it on several houses).


Well, he also took the chance to point that I haven't helped him to sell his motorcycle as I hadn't taken it out the last week!


My gawd, what I was supposed to do, park it on top of 3 foot of tree branchess????


And it is always the same, if he asks me to do something, like two weeks ago, to do "manteinance" on his computer, it has to become my priority, no matter if I have other stuff to do.

That weekend I had got a couple of computers from friends to fix, extra money is always wellcome, so I had to fix those computers, and then his computer.

That sunday I went to bed at 3am, to wake up next day to go to my regular work...




They can't seem to understand that I have a life of my own, that I don't live to do just what they need me to do! For them, anything I want to do is just a game, or a waste of time, and only what they want me to do is important!


And it just makes me feel unapreciated! Everytime the door opened has broken, I've been the one to fix it. Last time we had a problem with the electricity, and we had part of the house without power for three days, I was the one that fixed it. And I always help them in everything I can!


Now they just blame me for not helping them at all!


My brother does nothing to help them, is 30 years old and still lives at home, my mom still gives him money every week, and they NEVER ask him nothing!

He even goes through cars as if they were disposable (I remember one time he called me, his car had overheated, and we stopped at a gas station and added 1 galon of water to the radiator, was something wrong with his car?), and my mom is still trying to buy him a new car???


And it has been like that like... forever! I even had to drop out of college because I decided to buy a motorcycle. That made sense back then, as with the money saved on gasoline I could make the payments...


But NOOO!!! As I dared to buy a motorcycle they woldn't give me any money anymore, so I had to drop out of college to get a full time job to pay the motorcycle.


And I had to drop out of college, from a major I didn't even liked! As all the time I wanted to study mechanical engineering to work with race cars and motorcycles. But according to my dad, everyone who races cars, or rides motorcycles is just a psyco looking to kill himself...


So I went to IT engineering...



Looking back, buying that motorcycle wasn't that bad. Yes, I'm a college dropout, but that was just what made me realize that at some point I had to live my life, instead of living the life they wanted me to.



But that only further proves the lack of respect they have for my choices, my goals and my way of living!


And if I'm stuck in here, living with them, its just because of how hard they have made it for me!

If they had... not helped, just kept out of my way, instead of just putting barriers, I would probably be somewhere else now!

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well i wish i had an answer for you, it sounds like your trying to please them as hard as you can.i think maybe its that you dropped out of colledge that makes them do this.i dropped out of high school and i have 2 part time jobs and i start a 3rd next monday and i have a GED. Im starting colledge next september but because i quit high shcool my dad doesnt think i do anywork. last week he wanted me to call in sick to work so i could dig a 4 foot ditch around the yard so he could move the drainage ditch from one side of the house to the other. sorry i cant give you an answer but i just wanted you to know your not alone

i hope things improve for you


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