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cant get him off my mind

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ok..in a few of my other posts i mentioned a guy i liked that i work with and what to do about it. i still havent mentioned anything to him cuz like i said, he is 22..and i dont know how he feels about me. i constantly find my self flirting with him and notice him doing the same..well atleast i think. i mean, we both go out of our way just to talk or he goes outta his way just to say hi. other people that work there tease me about flirting with him and he told me today that someone teased him about me. idk how he feels and i dont know how to hint that i like him, without actually coming out and saying, " hey i like you." or something. i dont wanna ask him out, cause like i said i dont even know if he feels the same way. but i need some help. does anyone have an idea of a topic i could talk about..something i could mention or a way to act to get him to realize i like him and see if he does anything about it?? Please help



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just casually mention that you guys should go catch a movie or something some time...If he takes you up on it you know he likes you if he doens't..maybe he is being safe...Just becareful you can get him in a lot of trouble because you are under 18! Good luck

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Sarah, A guy would never mention being teased about you, if he didn't like you. Dropping such a hint if he had no interest in you would make things awkward for no good reason. Since you're not the type to ask a guy out, I'd just keep doing what you're doing. Flirt mercilessly until he breaks down and asks you out!


If you can't wait that long, invite him on an organized group date with defined couples, so it's clear that he's your guy. Have fun!

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