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how quickly things change

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i was recently kicking myself over a missed oppurtunity, when another just kind of happened.. so here goes. i work at a store that shares a parking lot with a fast food place, so obviously, i end up there a lot to buy lunch, and drinks, etc. anyways, there was a cute girl behind the counter, and we live in the same neigborhood, so we got to talking, and we made small talk for about a week. all of the guys in the place i work know who she is, and all of us thinks shes cute, so when i told them we were talking a little, one of them decided he would go over and just make me look dumb..lol. he went over, and told her i was in love with her, and couldnt get her off my mind, which wasnt really true at all. he also asked how old she was and she only 15 (looks older). so i go back in there today, and rather than having to explain my friends stupid behavior like i thought, she just seemed even more friendly than normal. asked me how work was goin etc. that nite, when i was getting on the bus home, someone hit me with a bottle in the arm, and it was her, so i sit next to her, and we talk till she has to get off. now, i think shes really cool, and want to ask her out to do sumthing, but i was wondering if 15 and 17 are that different of ages, ive only ever persued (or tried..lol) girls my own age. any comments on the age, and advice on the situation help

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