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i went surfing today with some friends (ive been usring for 3 years so its not like it was my first time), and well, i fell off my board right on some shore break..... i landed with ALL my weight on my one knee...... nothing hit, just my knee. and to make matters worse, i may have landed on a rock.... i dunno... all i know is it hurts soooo bad and im sitting here crying cuz it hurts so bad and im not even moving...... i know i have to go to a dr, but what can i do to make it stop hurting now?? or at least ease the pain????

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what do i tell my parents...... i tried talking to them about it but they have no clue how bad it hurts...... and becuase ive had so many injuries these past few years, they may be a bit reluctant to take me cuz they dont want me out of skating anymore........ man ive screwed up big time........ (im an ice skating coach, and i skate competatively....)

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I wouldn't wait until Tuesday. Get to a doctor tomorrow at the latest.


As DN said, use ice to relieve pain and swelling for now. Do not put any pressure on the injury (stay off of it). Do not take aspirin since you are a teenager. Stick to Tylenol or Ibuprofin for the pain. Just don't overdo it. Its easy to take too many painkillers when things hurt really bad.


If the pain just becomes unbearable, then call 911 and let the ambulance take you to the hospital.

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that's totally messed up. i played basketball for 5 years on a bad knee and i'm very lucky I didn't tear ligaments, tendons... you name it. I never told anyone until it started making really bad grinding sounds.


2 months later and a bill the size of a college tuition my knee felt better.


I was injured alot but I always kept going... if I couldn't do something physically I helped coach//train. I don't know your situation with skating (if you like it or not) but make it clear you will not quit and it's better getting it checked out now than 2 months when you fall again on it and make your knee track wrong or something.


it's not something to play around with... a doctor bill now can save you a ton later (like me).



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The last thing you need to do is skate on it. Tell your parents just how bad it hurts and if it helps you the pain scale 1 isn't bad 10 is unbearable.I hurt my knee it still bothers me but nothing showed up as being wrong. Take it easy try to keep off it. If you can get something to help suport it. I'll look some stuff up and get back to you. If you need to get a friend or family memeber to take you to the doctor.

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talked to my parents..... as of right now they wont take me cuz they think its an excuse to get out of skating.....


and the swellings gone down... but it still hurts so much


Ask help from a friend.



Parents often misunderstand situations, so ask for help from a friend that may understand better. If the doctor finds anything wrong with you, you'r parents will receive a lesson, and if you are fine, you can keep skating



By the way, do you really like skating or is it an imposition from your parents? If it is the later, then you have a real issue on your hands...

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so yeah... day 2..... it hurts pretty bad still. like walking kills, and driving isnt much better.... but i dont have a choce. i have to do both and tomorrow i have to skate.


in the past ive messed up my knee twice, spent 12 months in physical therapy (thats both injuries combined). they told me i have medialplika syndrom (sp?) its where the tissue in my knees isnt folded right. sometimes if i stand up to fast the tissue pulls over my knee cap and moves it around and it really hurts..... so yeah. i already have a bad knee. i was on crutches for 4 months...... so yeah


what should I do? i have to coach tomorrow.... i have my own calss and if im not there... i may get fired....

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