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i like a guy, but my dads a homophobe

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Ok first off im bi, i believe i mentioned that before. anyway i met this guy during school last year, he was cool and we got along really well.we weren't really romantically involved we were just friends, we hang out in a group.we'd sit under a treee and talk and stuff, i noticed he'd sit very close to me.i know he's gay and he knows im bi so there isnt the really" i like him but he might be straight" problem. we did kiss once. i loike him so much he's awesome i dont know if i like him like that though.

we hadnt talked in a couple of weeks, and then he called me, he said he liked me. i was happy to hear that, though for some reason a little freaked out he looked up my #in the phone book, but thats what its there for i guess we agreed to hang out. i dont know if i should pursue this because if my dad ever found out it wouldnt be fun for anyone because hes a huge homophobe.any advice?


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I don't think its a big deal, hang out with him, if your dad finds out just tell him he's a friend.


Eventually your father's going to have to accept you for who you are...his son.


One of my brother's was in the same situation, it took a long time to tell our family what was going on, but in the end we all still love him the same.

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You should do what's right for you, but you can't hide your sexuality from your dad forever. If this is just a fling or hanging out as friends, then it might not be the time and place to tell your dad, but eventually you'll have to find the right time. Good luck. It's not easy, but I've seen the most conservative of families handle this in a loving way (though it may be initially hard at first).

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I've been there, done that. No, I'm not gay nor bisexual, but I know what is to live a life you don't want to live. A life that was imposed on you by your parents...



Sooner or later you'll have to take your life on your hands, that is a fact, so you better start thinking how.



As for your father, have you talked to him about this? My dad is a homophobe, but I know why. When he was a kid, he was harassed by a homosexual guy, he wasn't abused, but the harassment got pretty bad. His oder cousing (guy was involved in gangs, guns, drugs, etc) heard about it, and took the situation on his hands, he didn't killed the guy, but scared him away.


From that day my dad hates homosexuals...


And as if that hadn't been enough...


His sister never married, but has this other woman, who has been her "best friend" for over 25 years, and now lives with her...

(We know for a fact that my aunt's friend is a lesbian)



My dad is still a homophobe, but has handled it, and gets along with his sister. So that means that the love for a member of your family can even overcome those phobias. Don't be so scared of your dad.

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