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i am an only child and my parents are narcissists..no wonder

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I don't have alot of friends! My mom said it herself: I'm too busy to care about what other people do.


Being an only child with not a whole lot of cousins my age, I would have to say that I've primarily picked up on my parents personality traits..

and I think that it has been harmful to my social development during childhood to my current age. I want to have more friends, but it seems that I am subconsciously not putting enough into having more solid friendships.


Romance is actually an unknown area..so I'd like to ask, are any of you the only child in your family, and if so has it contributed to your romantic life in a negative way or positive way?

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I read your topic with interest. I am an only child with parents in their 60s. I wouldn't say it has affected in a negative way with me getting involved romantically with women, but I know what you mean about friendships.


My oldest cousin is about 48 and my youngest (older) is about 31 so I was always the baby of the family. Always "looked out for"


I would say that from having parents who are older than most others and all these older cousins, I was very much looked after and shielded from alot of learning experiences.....ie. they all didn't ant me to learn the hard way (but by human nature, I did and have done on many occasions!!!).


My main thing I didn't like being an only child was playing "swingball" by myself.......its very boring!!

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Well let's see. That means show interest in others, genuine interest. Stop trying to outshine people in every way. Let them have their moments to shine, praise them for their moment rather than find one you had that's similar but better in some way. KWIM?


Hope that helps you.

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I am an only child and I think that to an extent has affected me negatively in my relationships (my parents divorce at 16 wasn't much help either). I have also been the baby of my extended family so I was always overprotected and showered with a lot of attention growing up. If someone teased me at school, instead of my mother letting it go she would have to go to school and talk to the kid. I think it messes with relationships because you need undivided attention when you're with someone. On the other hand since we didn't have siblings we learned to be more independent so we shift between wanting to be alone and needing attention. This is just my theory from my experience and from what I have seen from other only children. I would say though that the key to making more friends though is to just listen and empathize with people. Give them the attention that you got as an only child.

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