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Hey everyone

Ive been posting here for quite a while with my crazy probs with my ex. We went out for nearly 4 years and split up now 5 months ago. Its taken a LOT for me to get where i am today, been through the horrible crying every day, feeling like life wasnt worth living and begging him back. But now...im finally at that place where i am at peace, dont feel any urge at all to want him back and feel as tho ive been done a huge favour by not having him in my life anymore. I reckon my future with him would have been a really misrable one coz we were so different from each other. Well my ex started seeing this other girl about 2 months after we split up. I think thats what made it so much harder getting over him, because he had gone onto someone else so quickly. The thing is tho, she was the one that seemed to be obsessing about me not the other way about. We live in a very small town and i constantly hear through the grapevine that she's been finding out everything about me. Her and my ex have even been having fights about me and she's been asking him to see pictures of me. People have even told me that she's been going to the places that i go to and has been going back to my ex making up lies. She found out that i was at our local club one night and told my ex that she overheard me telling people that he and i were having "no strings attached sex". My ex at first believed things that he was being told and gave me so much abuse. I even had the g/f calling me every day at 9am, and hanging up. I eventually changed my number.


I was in holiday when i found out from a friend that the g/f had been caught cheating on my ex. He ended things with her and sure enough he was phoning up a friend of mine asking me to contact him. He wanted to get back together. As hard as it was, i had to say no. There was no way i deserved to be treated the way i did just to let him back and for him to do it all over again. But this girl is still giving me so much hassle. She's angry that my ex is contacting me again and wont stop finding out things about me. Its making me so horrible and uncomfortable to be dragged into a situation like this She's so nice to my ex but i feel like she's out to make sure that my ruins every night out i have and make up lies to people. I know my friends wont believe her but what about other people i meet. Im a really quiet girl and hate having my reputation ruined because of something that doesnt even concern me What can i do to get her to leave me alone?

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Tell her that you're not interested in your ex and that you want her to leave you alone. If that doesn't work, tell her you will call the cops and tell them she's harassing you. Now, I doubt that you can actually legally charge her with anything but that may be enough to scare her off.

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As to why she's doing it: she's obviously very immature and jealous of what you and your ex had together for so long.


As to what you can do...not so sure. Quite frankly, I don't think anything you do will really change the way she's acting. They're not together anymore, so hopefully it'll end soon if it hasn't already - is she continuing with the rumors even though they're broken up? I would just try to ignore it and be the bigger person.

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