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my brother is a stoner maybe tweeker

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at the time my g-parents were visiting us from nebraska my g-ma and i took the couches in the living room. just last sunday i had got in a fight with my b/f and i thought i'd go to bed and forget we had ever fought. but when i went to the couch my little sister was in it so i went to sleep on the floor in my older brothers room (which was mine till my parents got divorced) i had a cat nap of about 5 min. before i wake up to him tapping my leg. so we started talking he said he was bored and couldn't sleep so i suggested that he play on his computer like he always does. he said he didn't want to. so he asked if he could tell me a secret, if i would never tell any one i said sure, he asked for me not to get weirded out or mad or offended. i said "ok......." my heart started pounding knowing what was about to come out of his mouth he reached over and started to rub my leg just above my knee saying that he has found himself attracted to me i moved away he turned on to his back and asks me if i was "down" i said(padon me) hell no, you're weird and stoned go to sleep. he said he wasn't tired and said "come on entertain me" i used a few um...choice words to describe dumb he was for even saying it. (i have the mouth of a sailor so to speak)after that he got quiet i layed there for a couple min. then got back on the computer. and didn't go to sleep till the next afternoon when every one else was awake to keep an eye on me.

only my b/f and a few close friends heard about it that night i just don't know if i should tell my dad? if i did would he believe me? should i move i have family in georgia i can stay with. why did it make me feel so dirty when i didn't even do anything wrong?


i have never been scared of my brother before i mean i jumped infront of him when he was about to beat the crap out of my ex b/f. so why am i so scared now?

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Woah...that's wrong. I think you tell your parents about this if he ever tries it again. Once is bad enough, however I don't see it worth causing huge dramas in the family if your mouthing off at him has already dealt with it...if its dealt with, the issue isnt there. however if it does become a persistent problem (ie EVER happens again) tell your parents.

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In regards to him treating your friends and b/f like crap, if they arent his friends as well, then tell him to back off out of your personal life as it's none of his business. However if they ARE his friends too, then I don't really know what to do other than let things run their course (ie, he'll keep treating them like crap, and they'll ditch him). As before, if all else fails, try tog et your parents in on it and see if they can't help.

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If he is treating your bf and guyfriends like crap, his feeling attracted might not just be due to being stoned. I'd stay away from him if he is under the influence of weed or alcohol. These seriously affect one's ability to judge their actions. If it happens again, you should definitely tell one of your family members. Do you have an aunt who you trust and are close to? I had one that I confided in when I was having a hard time (very different issues though) at home.


Take care,



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Is there anyone in particular you can confide in? If things would worsen, which I genuinely hope not, of course, it might be useful to tell at least one person. Is there a mother or father of a friend that you are particularly close to?



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Wow.. that was so wrong on your brother's part... No wonder you are feeling weird about it all/guilty.. believe me that's a natural feeling...

I'm hesistant to suggest you wait however, for it to happen AGAIN! I think you ought to sit down and have a heart to heart with your mom.

What your brother suggesting here.. is very weird.. and very sick... maybe he's have some kind of weird emotional/physchological problems. It sounds like he needs help...

i'm glad you told your bf though.. you did, didn't you? what was his reaction? i hope he was pissed off, for your sake..

be careful ... i don't like the sounds of this.. say.. just what is a tweeker?[/b]

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a tweeker is someone into more than pot like meth, coke those things



1. my mom and i don't have personal conversations not since she cheated on my step dad. plus she's part of the family grape vine she's told my whole family will know and not just immediate family all they way to nebraska and a few states on the way


2. i did tell him. as soon as i could get a hold of him. he was sorry that it had happened and came over as soon as possible unfortunately i was asleep and my brother answered the door and told him i wasn't home so he left.

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