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Flowers 4 his birthday

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I would. And also, I saw a commercial here in the states about how this man was in his office, and he kept getting flowers. The woman who walked into his office either made a face or asked why he was getting so many flowers, and he said "I just drove a few friends home last night" as in, he was the "responsible" driver for his friends who were drunk... so even that gets a guy in his office flowers, so I'd definitely send him some fir his birthday. Maybe there's some little ones (less girly?) to get him in case you think you'll feel unsure about it after you send them.

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I've never really heard or seen this hear in North America. That being said, I'm sure part of the reason he is dating you is due to your exotic background. So I would do what you think is normal.


You know him better then us, is he the kind of guy to be thankful for these things or is he easily embarrassed? I can tell you that he will get a few jokes given his way. However, if it was myself I would just joke back and roll with it.


course he isn't me so, like I said you know best.

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Very few US women will send their man flowers. It's not really the norm in this country. Which means if you're a woman who does this, you're gonna stand out from the rest -- most likely in a good way.


If he's not a "flowers" type, most florists also offer gourmet/fruit/treat baskets. Those are also a good option.


Several years ago, I had a florist send a basket of snack foods plus apples for his horses to a guy I had a crush on. It sure got me noticed in a hurry. Unfortunately, we weren't compatible in any other way except a shared interest in harness racing. But that's another story. Point is by sending him the basket, I was able to make myself stand out and got to find out if there could be anything more there.


I've sent flowers to my husband for his birthday and other occasions. He likes it. After all, most people (particularly significant others) LIKE when we do something special for them.

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I'm a guy. I've had many presents for birthdays from girlfriends. Never flowers.


It's too feminine for my liking. The best gift I got for a birthday was some books that she knew I'd really like.


It changes from person to person. Flowers is kinda general and safe. You need to do something more personal.

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Flowers is kinda general and safe. You need to do something more personal.


It's just to show him I was thinking of him on his birthday. Of course he will receive a personal gift later on - when we meet again in 3 weeks... I forgot to mention it's a long distance relationship. I usually post in the specific ldr forum, but for this one I was looking for answers from a larger public audience .



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It is customary in Europe? In which country, specifically?


In none of the four European countries I've lived in is it acceptable for a woman to give flowers to a man, except for a funeral--and then the flowers are sent to the grieving family, not directly to the man.


Don't do it.

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Thanks, SimoneTiger, I've lived in a European country for almost my entire life - it doesn't matter which country it is - and it is customary here. My question was about the United States. I've asked some American friends in the meantime, and they found it a sweet idea.


Thanks to everyone else for their ideas!

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