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how do you deal? need to clear my head.......

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how do you deal with life and love? how do you deal with feelings you know you shouldn't have, feelings you don't want to have, feelings that are tearing you up inside, ruining your life


how do you deal with feeling so alone its scary, not knowing if you're ever going to feel happy again , if your ever going to forget that one special someone who ment everything to you and for some messed up reason still does after all the pain they've caused you, after all the pain you've caused yourself. After all the stupid things you've done post beak up to try and be in contact with them in any way possible but hasn't achieved anything except to piss your ex off and instead of bringing them closer as a friend just pushes them away even further as you disgust them with your pathetic attempts at getting their attention


knowing your ex is semi with someone else but still allowing them to sleep with you because you want to feel wanted by them. if only for a few hours, even though you know they'll ignore you the next day making you feel bad, knowing that they will always be sitting with this other girl and never ever attempt to talk to you and find out how you are


how do you deal with loving someone but knowing you've done so many stupid things to get them back that you've annoyed them beyond repair and that they don't even want you as a friend anymore, knowing that you did something so stupid, something you knew would probably break you're heart but you went ahead and did it anyway that you read their txts saying that they ' miss this other girl so much they wish they could be there and hold them and that they say to this other girl the things they use to say to you


does anyone know how to deal with reading that the person you love tells someone that they've known for a few months that they will always be close, but know that they have no interest in keeping contact with you, the person they claimed they loved for over a year


how do you deal with reading 'muah' and 'xoxoxo' being sent to someone else but know how hard it is to just get a hello for yourself?


how do you deal with trying to keep your mind busy when nothing seems to work, nothing distract you from the hurt, nothing can get rid of the sick feeling that envelopes your soul, that consumes your heart. the feeling that you've lost everything completely, knowing that you could of had a little but not all, but now you can't have everything not even a glimmer of a friendship, all because of your own stupidity


how do you start living a life you don't want to live because you can't be happy, how do you get people to understand that you want to get over this more than anything in the world, that you would do whatever you could to stop the pain, to start living life the way you know you should but sometimes it's just to hard, sometimes its just to much.

how do you explain to someone that you know what your supose to do to get over it and you're doing it all but it's been months and you still don't feel any better, if anything you feel worse, pathetic


how do you deal with knowing someone you care about doesn't even care if you exist anymore


how do you know it's not possible to die of a broken heart.......

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That is A Lot of questions, thereforeeee my answer to every question:


You Move On.


Initiate NC. Remember you don't need him, there was a time before him and will be a time after.


You don't need this pain in your life. There are many men out there that will make you happy , honest there are!


You just need to get over this one, feel comfortable with yourself and be happy again.


There's a lot in the middle, if you have any questions/problems or just feeling down. Don't hesitate to PM me.

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I'm sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. How do you deal? Yes, you move on, but it's a long painful process. Let the emotions wash over you, feel sad for a while, lean on your friends and family, do nice things for yourself, give yourself credit for getting this far. It's cliched, but time will take the sting away.


And don't obsess over what he is doing with another women. Put it out of your mind. And don't continue to have sex with him, esp. since it's clear it means so much emotionally to you.

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How do you deal? thats the same question i have been asking myself for a long time. I am just turning 21 and just broke up with the first person i truly loved with all my heart. I know exactly what your going through(i know people say that but i really mean it) trust me, im not gonna tell you how to deal with it because honestly it depends on the person. I am currently still going throught the pain right now. You go out with them, love them and then they just stop caring after you break up. I tried everything to be friends with my ex eventhough i shouldnt have but i did, i put my pride aside and did everything for her. But you really have to stop having sex with him becuase your giving yourself a false sense of security! trust me i did that! she wanted to have sex but have nothing to do with me emotionally. Hang out with as many friends as you possibly can. Surround yourself with people at all times. Trust me it really works. Go do somehting that you;ve never done before. Its Summer, Chill at the pool and see all the guys you would attract like flies. Give it a try...what do you got to lose?

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