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5 months and still no kiss.....

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I've been dating my b/f now for 5 months and we've gotten to know each other pretty well, but we havnt yet had our first kiss...I dont want to be the first to kiss him, I really want him to just go for it. I've been giving really really obvious clues such as leaning in closer making lots of eye contact for long periods of time, but he doesnt seem to get it, or he's not sure about making a move....I know he really cares for me alot, but i'm soo confused as to why he's waiting soo long to kiss me...Is it normal for someone to be dating for 5 months and not give a first kiss? I dont want to talk to him about kissing me beause I think it would ruin the momment and the whole romantic feeling soo how can I get him to kiss me? I really like him alot but I'm beginning to think he wont ever kiss me...

--thanks in advance

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After 5 months of dating and lots of subtle hints I think you can and should talk to him about it and find out what the hold up is.


If you bf is interested in you as a gf and not just a friend, he should want to kiss you and be affectionate with you.


5 months is a long amount of time to be dating with no kiss....


I'd bring it up if I were you, I'd want to know what the holdup was!

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5 months?....wow....I got dropped with one girl I dated b/c I hadn't kissed her in 3 dates, even tho I've fixed problem for the future now(not with her tho). You've waited 5 months tho?...yea I would bring it up...or somehow set a great mood for it. With my first kiss with this one girl we were just watchin a movie cuddled and near the end of the movie ...or well after it I guess, cause it was dark then...she turned around to me and at first I wouldn't kiss her, but then she moved in slowly and kissed my cheek like twice, and then it just kinda....happened. So just try and set a good mood and be very close with him....maybe even rub him a little(yea I know sounds weird sayin it, but I think you'll understand). Hold his hand and somewhat stroke it with one finger down the middle of his palm...I'm just sayin all this b/c it worked on me lol....so try it with him, let us know if you get it.

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yes 5 months is far too long, im shocked that you lasted this long, first kiss first date is my rule, if you want something to happen then you kiss the girl, i hope that he is not Asexual. Good luck and if all else fails, kiss him, but if you want something more mutual then brush your lips gently against his, and try to tempt him into kissing back.

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Yeah that is a long time!


I waited for one month before my now exboyfriend kissed me for the first time, so i kind of know how frustrating it can be.


Do you guys ever hug, cuddle or hold hands or anything? I wouldn't ask him why he hasn't kissed you, it might make him feel awkward. Why don't you just make the first move and say something like, "would you mind if i kissed you?" or "I really like you a lot, would it be ok if we kissed?"


Hopefully somethinig happens soon. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. I know it was for me!

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Treating you with respect has little to do with kissing you, and I hate to say this, but, regardless of what your parents say, he isn't dating your parents, he's dating you, and I doubt you two spend all your time in front of your folks. If he wanted to kiss you, he would. What's the holdup?


He can kiss you and show affection and still be treating you with respect.


Are you going to talk to him about this?

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wow...5 months with no kiss IS a long time... I dunno whats holding him back, but hopefully he'll get the picture soon, maybe if he doesn't get the whole mood thing, just go for, if not, just talk to him about it, it may be akward for him to be asked that and all, but isn't it akward that you havn't been kissed in the whole 5 months of dating?? Goodluck...Erica Nicole

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hey how old are you ? ive known several couples that havent had a kiss in the first months of the relationship...

i think he might be dying to kiss you, but he does not know how, are you his first gf ?because if you are then its going to be a little bit hard, but dont worry, u keep giving him singnals...and it will happen when u least expect it .

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