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just a quick question

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Some women can produce female ejaculate. Some experts think that any and all women are capable of this. It requires stimulating and hitting (for lack of a better term) her g-spot in the right way. I was able to give my ex-girlfriend such an experience and she had no idea that she was capable of that. It was quite a shock and quite a good amount of liquid as well. In either case, she patted me on the head for doing such a good job


Nothing wrong or embarrassing about asking such a question. Consider yourself better informed now.

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female ejaculate is something that happens to a lot of women


some do not realize it cause there is different forms of it


theres a liquid and theres a more thicker type fluid


the liquid comes out pretty much right after the "O"


the thicker stuff comes out later or some other time in the day when gravity hits, usually on the toilet


I dunno if that helped

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