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Confused by mixed signals...

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Hey all,

I posted on here about, eh, over a year ago I guess, regarding a girl I liked who was the sister of a good friend. Anyway, nothing happened in that situation until this summer, when, out of the wild blue I got an e-mail from her asking me to go to her prom with her. (She is 18 and just finished high school in May, I am 21) So I went, and it was just an okay sort of night. Not spectacular or anything, just so-so. After that I have seen her about 6 or 7 times now, and several of those times, she has just walked right past me without acknowledging my presense! I took the initial e-mail as a sign that she liked me, but I wonder if my shyness on the date messed that up. Anyway, I have been debating whether or not I should now ask her out on a more normal date (aka one without tuxedos and dresses and a fancy hotel and dancing and such) or whether I might have waited too long to do so, since it has now been over two months since that date. What do ya think?




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I would just go ahead and ask her on a date...look at it this way, you've really got nothing to lose.


And I think the chances are good that she would say yes since you've already been to a formal event. Perhaps something a bit more toned down will put both of you at ease and let her get to know you better?


I find proms and the like to be very superficial (much like highschool itself). They are really just a big show...out in the real world things are a little differnt and I think you both may find that when you are alone together.

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Hey ck, it sounds like she may have interpreted the prom night similarly to you "just so-so" and probably thought you really weren't all that into her. You have to remember that Prom is the most glamorous night of a girl's life up until that point and if a guy isn't all gaga over her then, when would he ever be???


I'm shy too and know it's hard to put your heart on the line, but girls need a little flirting and chivalry in order to get the idea that you're attracted to them. If she's walking past you without acknowledging your presense, it sounds like you she might have been really hurt-offended by your shyness which she interpreted as your lack of interest.


Is it too late? There's only one way you'll find out! Talk to her! Tell her you were rendered speechless that night by how gorgeous she looked. If she's a tenth as vain as me, she'll probably give you a second chance.

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Well, asked her out, and we went on a date and once again....just so-so. And I had this completely uncomfortable feeling the whole time. On the car ride home it was total silence. I just can't think of anything to say to her, and apparently she can't think of much to say to me either. And she is not the shy type at all. And though I am quite shy myself, usually there are certain people that I just seem to "connect" with regardless, and that isn't happening here.


So I'm not pursuing this one any further, as it really just does not feel right. I'm quite glad I went on this 2nd date so I could find out that it wasn't right. Hopefully, someone else will come along one of these days...

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