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Is This Something To Worry About?? Boyfriend acting Strange

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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years.


We have been fighting a lot lately, but I am only seeing him, and he is only seeing me.


I believe this to be true because when I am with him on the weekends he has his phone out where I can see it, its always his guyfriends, and he always answers in front of me. He is in his early 30's, I am 25.

Anyways, he could be hiding something, but this is my question.


Lately, he tells me he will call me, then doesn' until later at night, or just texts me. He didn't used to do that in the beginning.


Yesterday we just kinda texd in the morning, and I thougtht we would talk. He just texd me that night saying, "i love you."


I texd him back, "love you too."

Is this something to worry about, or do guys do this. I know guys are a lot different than women when it comes to talking on the phone.


Do you think this is something to start looking at, or worrying about?

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Well It sounds like you are upset about something. I really doubt he is living some alter ego lifestyle behind your back. However, the fact that you feel upset means that you are not happy about something.


Having lots of fights recently? This is a good sign that something is going awry. You need to talk to him about this (without fighting and without falling into old habits).


read some of the articles about "talking to your other" They can show you constructive ways to address your issues- both of your issues.

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He's probably just becoming more comfortable in the relationship. Not all men are the same, so I can't speak for all of them. Some men I've known tend to call less when they are in a serious relationship. The reasons for this could be:


- That you spend quite a bit of time together and he doesn't have much else to say.


- He's confident that you know everything is *okay*, and that no further discussion/ reassurance are required.


- He needs some time for himself (which is perfectly fine also - it actually gives him a chance to miss you).


- There is something going on in his head that is not related to your relationship and he doesn't feel like talking about it.


I wouldn't worry. This is probably a stage of your relationship that you will get through easily with him. Just give it some time and I'm sure you'll gain some clarity. If something was really going on, I think you would have a bit more evidence to go on than "he doesn't call me back right away". My boyfriend doesn't always do that either, but I know we're okay.

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