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question (for the guys)

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This only my opinion, I am sure guys like different things.


I prefer just a thin "landing strip" only but I would not shave as in my experience shaving tends to give rashes and ingrown hairs, not to mention that smooth feel lasts only a day or two.


If you want to go pubeless try waxing. My partner has been doing it for 6 years and she says that it hurts intitially but she has gotten "immune" to it. She has to get waxed about every 5 to 6 weeks to maintain.

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i like the Landing strip.. but it should be waxed.. but brazilians are fun to try, even if just for one waxing


currently have a brazilian.. it's cleaner, easier to maintain.. and you dont get your own pubes stuck in your teeth.. lol

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COMPLETELY SHAVED??! sorry but doesnt that remind you of a 5 yr old, no offence i mean one of my gfs wants to do that but i just cant imagine how that could be sexxy!


I know my partner keeps a strip because she thinks completely bare looks pre-pubescent. I think lots of women feel like that.


I find it hard to reconcile though. Shaving armpits and legs etc. also promotes are more pre-pubescent look.


I guess if you don't like the look of completely bare, don't get it but if you do I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

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I love how some women freak out saying "doesn't that remind you of a pre-pubescent girl??"... It's so far from being what you think it is. I believe that men like it for the taboo and the look of a totally hairless woman. I personally got very turned on when my ex-gf would walk in the room nekid and say "notice anything different with a completely hairless area. I liked her hair down there too so it wasn't a big deal to me if she didn't continue shaving, but the erotic thought and sight of it was great.


Anyway, I think most guys like it trimmed down if not shaven for neatness. Some love the "hairy scary" look though

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I like any trimming down there. I dont like the HAIRY SCARY though. I love when there is a landing strip, and or the wood floor. I dont like hairy women and no it does not remind me of a pre-pubesent girl. I know I only sleep with grown women so that thought does not even come to mind. Do what you feel comfortable doing is my advice. Even better ask your signifcant other what they like.

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All these men who like it completely shaved feels very disheartening to me. I think it's not nearly as pretty completely shaved. I wax the lips and trim it close, which I love to do and I think makes it much prettier, but ... having it all gone is completely unnecessary and a product of our culture (and porn). Though I'd rather have it completely shaved then one of those ridiculous "landing strips;" those are quite ugly, IMO. I dislike how hair-phobic our culture is. As for men, I enjoy hairy chests and hairy bums, and don't like it when the area down there is trimmed too close (though some trimming is recommended). The men in my life have always agreed, they love how I keep myself down there. I have offered to shave it all off numerous time, without any takers.

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