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This is going to take a while to explain. I was/am in this group of friends. I guess they're funny and have a lot of fun. A few months ago though, they, and basically eveyone else I knew did this "prank." They tricked me into thinking my friend was in thousands of dollars of gambling debt. I was really concerned for him and tried to help him. Then one day they invited me over and had the same kid through a fake tantrum after loosing in poker and storming off in his car (we thought he was going to crash because he was so angry). They had a cake and a poster with my face saying "pwned" on it and filmed it and everything. Then they started singing I got "pwned." Then they made a DVD about it and told everyone at school. I thought I was friends with all of them, but I was just so hurt. It wasn't like a friendly prank, it was malicious. I was addicted to gambling and told the kid who was the main actor this because he told me he was. They all shared my conversations (and put them on the dvd) where I said how addicted I was and how it was affected me. I was crushed. But, then I started to get over it, as hard as that was. I trusted so many people and they were all fooling me. But then tonight, they did another prank. ANother friend of mine, who used to be like my best friend, kept telling me about his girlfriend. So tonight he was going to take me to meet her. Instead he took me to a school wehre he was going to pick her up and then they were all there with cake and another sign.. like 20 people and all laughing at me. The girl never existed in the first place. They then just kept laughing at me for like half an hour. My closest friend was even involved now. I don't know what to do. I told them all before how much teh old one hurt me and stuff, but evidentally they don;t care about me. It was all malicious, they were laughing at me, not with me. I can't even explain how intricate this all was either.. they put a lot of planning into all of it.


Am I right in feeling hurt? What do I do now? Do I say it's okay and try to be friends with them again? I feel like such an outcast. Please give me feedback...

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well i personally would look for a new group of friends.. these guys obviously show no respect..

i personally would rather be an outcast than a joke


and i usually am.


this kind of behaviour is reprehensible.. i can't believe that it happened again


people treat us the way we allow ourselves to be treated.. it happened twice.. ditch them all



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I'm 16. One of them has been probably my closest friend for like the last year and a half. Last time when it happened she wasn't involved and I told her how much it hurt me. And she even agreed with me that it was so immature and stupid and that they were horrible. And then she goes and does it too. I don't know what to do. Then there were like 4 other friends of mine there basically. But in all there were like 40 people involved. And I've never felt like an outcast before, I mean I've always had friends. I've never been picked on before this really. But now I suddenly feel all alone and like the last two years of my life was like the movie the truman show.

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it's only "all in good fun" when no one logs on to enotalone and is heartbroken..


it's not okay. ever.


tell the ringleader to go shove it.. tell them you are not a welcome mat, and do not deserved to be walked on like that..


then do not associate with them. until you get an apology.


or you could tell them all there's a party on at your place, and not be there. but that's dumb..




take care of yourself sweetie


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If these supposed 'friends' knew you had previously battled a gambling problem and then staged this elaborate prank on you, filmed it, and then told people at school, and embarrassed and hurt you and knew it, they don't sound like true friends to me.


You wouldn't be on here asking for advice if you thought this was acceptable behaviour among friends. You are right-- it isn't.


Time to look for some new friends.


I'm sorry people that you trusted did this to you, it's lousy.

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God, that must have felt so horrible... I know how it is when you feel completely shut out and picked on. This is something serious, these are really not your FRIENDS.


Part of this, is typically the result of group-behaviour. They feel powerful because they are together. In reality, my guess is that there is just one or maybe two person(s) who might have something against you.


I have never experienced this kind of pranks, but people at work have spread a lie about me. To the boss. And I got in serious risk of losing that temp. job because of that lie.


Two things: keep your head UP, man, and realize that people who need to do such pathetic things and have fun at someone else's expense, usually have little in their own lifes to feel satisfied by. That makes them to be pitied. Don't contact these friends, and find other people to hang out with. Smile stand-offishly if you see them; you are a better and bigger person here.



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