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Should i call him back? or let him come to me?

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Ok heres my problem i have this guy friend that i really like and ive told him that i do. he says that he sort of likes me too but he doesent think what he wants is a relationship right now, but he always flirts with me and when we go out we almost behave as a couple would! but when we are around other people that are mutual friends he shies away from me sometimes ignoring me or being really rude to me. so i told him how i felt about the situation and it turned into a big argument. he sort of apologized but i dont think it was very sincere so as of now we are not on speaking terms, and when he calls me i either hang up on him or dont answer at all my question to all of you fine people i guess is should i stand my ground and let him make it up to me?? or should i call him tell him maybe i overeacted and apologize, maybe before its too late????????

please, please help me out on this!!!!!!!!!

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umm, just a question..


how is he supposed to make it up to you if you won't take his calls?


this seems very childish behaviour to me.. though i don't know how old you are..


hanging up achieves nothing.


try talking to him calmly and not losing your cool


it might help



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