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What goes on?

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I really appreciate how much everyone who has helped me in the past.


I have my first gynecologist visit next week. I'm sort of worried. I'm just wondering, what will happen? Does it hurt? I guess I'm just looking to hear what people's experiences were. Thanks!

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When you go in the room they will usually ask you a few questions before the exam - about your period's regularity, your sexual history, medical history, whether you are on birth control, have any problems with your period and so on.


Then you will be asked to get changed and hop up on a table. The table will either be flat or angled, and have two "stirrups" at the end where you will be asked to put your feet. You will have to scootch WAY down until it almost feels like your bum is off the table..lol. Sometimes beforehand they will take blood pressure as well and some other minor details, sometimes examine your breasts for lumps too.


A good doctor will talk you through it, as well as warm up the instruments! There is a device called a speculum (either metal or plastic) that is used to open your vaginal canal so she/he can see your cervic as well as take swabs. It can hurt if you are not prepared and tighten up, or are a virgin or just tighter, but it's more uncomfortable then anything else (and there are different size speculums too so a smaller one would probably be used). She will then look at your cervic, take a couple swabs with really long Q-tips (it can "sting"a bit, but is over quick) and then she will remove speculum. Then she/he will probably insert a couple fingers and press down with other hand on your abdomen. This is to check for swelling in ovaries/uterus and so on.


Then you are pretty much done unless you are getting birth control and she/he will talk you through that.


You can have someone in there with you, or ask for another nurse to be present..sometimes they will hold your hand too while you are going through it.


It is not that bad..not pleasant, but worth it. I was diagnosed with dysplasia when I was 16 and had to go through a lot to get it removed, but if I had NOT gone for regular checkups EVERY YEAR, likely would of been in a lot more trouble now (cancer, etc). So it is worth it!

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Ray Kay pretty much has it covered,


He/ She may also warn you that after they take the cultures (swabs) that you may feel some mild cramping for an hour or two after the exam, but this is mildly uncomfortable, and really not so bad.


It helps to take some long deep breaths during the exam and try to relax, it only takes a few minutes and then it's over.

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