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Nutrition question.

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Ok I am veagan, well tryign to be anyways, sometimes I cheat but not much and when I do I get sick so Im done cheating lol.


???-- ok how do you detox your body? I have been eating a lot of fruite and vegitables but what kind of fruites and veggies are the best for your body to cleans it?


I would also like to tell everyone that if you interested in nutrition stuff like I am then you should so watch super size me. I watched it the other night and it's totally crazy. kinda funny too. If you watch it I can about garentee you you wont ever eat chicken nugets again.lol.


thanks guys.


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If you cheat then maybe you are not a vegan!?!


Anyway, I think any fruit and vegetables would work fine, but I think a lot of the more vibrant colored ones have gained some press. Cranberries, I think berries in general are good, peppers - red and bell, brocolli and any and all greens. Of course you are going to want to supplement this with lots of water. And if you are going to be eating lots of roughage, then maybe you can expect lots of poopoo. Haha!


Anyway, Super Size me was about the guy who at McDonald's for a month straight, right? I'll never eat another horse again!


Good luck!

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If you cheat, you are not really vegan


I was vegetarian for 10 years, always used to irritate me when people said they were vegetarians, though they ate meat once a week...


In veganism though, it is more about striving, as so many things contain animal derivatives...


Anyway, just aim to eat a variety of foods...and different colours of veggies and fruits. Just make sure your plate looks colourful and appetizing! Ensure you also get lots of whole grains and so on, as well as healthy fats (ie olive oil, natural peanut butters, etc).

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Well Ok maybe im not veagen all the wayyet but im working my way there I should say. I'm almost all the way there too,cause I don't cheat a lot at all. and when I do It makes me sick so Im not doing it anymore and haven't for a while.

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I was vegetarian for 10 years, always used to irritate me when people said they were vegetarians, though they ate meat once a week...


That is so funny and true!


When I was in college there were these girls that would say "I'm a vegan, I don't believe in the slaughter of animals...blah blah blah." The stupidest thing one of them said was "I don't eat any meat - only chicken."




You either are or you aren't.


Anyway, I hope you are not doing this as a fad. So many girls I have known did this. And while it was somewhat admirable to not want to eat something that was slaughtered, I told them to stop buying leather purses or shoes. Amazing how many of them immediately became carnivores again.


The important thing is to live a healthy lifestyle, be it as a vegan, carnivore or whatever. Just do it because you want to do it.

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well good luck being a vegan.. and make sure you take care of your vitamin intake...


i'lll agree with you all though.. nothing worse than a "vegetarian" who eats fish and chicken, or a "vegan" who eats cheese.


i'm totally omnivore.. i saw supersize me, and i'll still eat nuggets.. it's wrong, but they are soooo justifiable.



and please dont try to ram veganism down peoples throats..


i hate it when veggies of any sort sit there and go "do you know how many animals die each year.. do you know what that cow went through..."


drives me loopy.


good luck.. and remember, vitamins!!



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I think it's good that some people say "no" to meat from time to time. If nobody ate meat, the food problem of the world would be solved. Western countries would drown to wheat and they'd give it away. You see, it takes around 10 kilos of wheat to produce 1 kilo of meat or so.. and then there's these fat western countries who barbecue like 5 kilos of meat every evening.. arrrrhghg..



Don't fret about calling yourself a vegetarist. What you eat is the thing that matters, not what you call yourself.. and then you don't have to get freaky about eating nuggets once for a while.


I eat quite a lot of vegetables but in no way refuse to eat meat or anything.. it's funny, maybe I could some day request pure meat foods at school when it's possible to request pure vegetable meals too

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Whats all this about cheating ?


Being a vegetarian isn't like a sacred ritual or vow. Its just a way of regulating your eating because I assume you want to lose weight.


There are lots of vegetarians out there who are fat. It depends on the type of vegetarian food you are taking. You can't keep eating potatoes etc and hope to lose weight. One can eat non vegetarian food like fish (white meat)etc which are less fattening. Also if you eat your chicken mainly boiled or cooked with very little oil, you will lose weight.


You just should eat a well balanced diet, be it vegetarian or non-veg with lots of fruits.

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hello guys

first thing , you cant be a vegeterian and cheat - even if you eat meet once you are not a veg anymore

second if u are looking for good vegteble you can eat a lot of onion it has many anti oxydents

good luck

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